August 16, 2009


1) Link the person who tagged you. Harini.

2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Share the ABCs of you.
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5) Let the 3 people know of the tag by leaving them comments.
6) Do not tag the original ‘tagger’.
Letting all my creative juices flow here i go -
A – Available/Single? Single. And don't intend on 'mingling' for two years at least!!
B – Best friend? Umm, well, Radhika, Rao, Aanchal and Ajay.... and a lot of other people too!!
C – Cake or Pie? Brownies. I'm sick of cakes now, and lost my appetite for pies after watching American pie!
D – Drink of choice? Does molten chocolate with nuts count??
E – Essential item you use every day? Phone (though no one calls), laptop, MS word!
F – Favorite colour? Depends!!
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Is this one of the questions I need to answer in order to qualify for Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao or something like that??
H – Hometown? Mummmmbbbbaaaaaiiii!!
I – Indulgence? Books and music....and nail paints!!!
J – January or February? How about I skip to October directly?
K – Kids & their names? Not disclosing here.... Aanchal reads my blog and I don't want her to copy them!
L – Life is incomplete without? Family and Friends. Just them!
M – Marriage date? Had my Mom accepted one of the many 'offers' my aunts got this summer, I would've known the answer to question by now!
N – Number of siblings? One.... And I really hope this Swine flu vacation gets over soon, so that she starts going to her college and I can reclaim the house as MY territory.
O – Oranges or Apples? Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes.
P – Phobias/Fears? Cockroaches
Q – Quote for today? Be positive, have faith, keep hoping!
R – Reason to smile? The namak in my toothpaste!!
S – Season? Monsoon....and winter....and summer too! Am a Libran yaar, gotta be indecisive!
T – Tag 3 People? I'm not doing this! The last time I tagged 10 people and only 2 obliged!!
U – Unknown fact about me? I love cricket but HATE Sachin Tendulkar and I've had the guts to shout Sachin Sucks at Wankhede stadium during a Mumbai Indians match!! Wonder why I even went for it.... things one does for friends!!
V – Vegetable you don't like? I eat only 4! So do the math about how many I hate!
W – Worst habit? Laziness...! I'm gonna get damned because of it one day!
X – X-rays you've had? None.
Y – Your favorite food? Depends on my mood! Right now I'm craving for a Grilled Sandwich but I can't eat it until Sunday!!!
Z – Zodiac sign? Libra

Not tagging anyone!!!


Aanchal said... still rank 3 on best frnds list!

Nupur said...

@Aanch: Chronological order....!!

Harini said... u finally did do the tag :)

Nupur said...

@ Harini: Yeah, sorry for the delay!

Benny said...

what... u dont like Sachin???:O why?? He s God of Indian Cricket! so who is u r fav cricketer?

Surya Sudheer said...

You should be daring to shout against Sachin but I still see, you dont have dare to tell this to everyone because it was ur unknown fact until now.....

Nupur said...

@Benny: More of a personal choice to not like Sachin!! He maybe the God for everybody else!!! I like Irfan...but for the non-cricketing reasons!

@ Sudheer: Well, it's a known fact that i dont like Sachin.... i had written about it in one of my earlier posts too.... just didnt have anything to write in the qtn here... so filled it up again...!

ankit said...


Nupur said...

@ Ankit: I don't remember you paying for me for the blog, Ankit!!