August 29, 2009

I Miss...

  • I miss those days of wearing my red and white checkered pinafore with a white blouse to school
  • I miss having my hair oiled and plaited
  • I miss singing hymns for prayers....four times in a day at school! Ah! How I miss singing Blessed Anna and Long time ago in Bethlehem and saying Father who Art in Heaven....!!! I also missing trying to bunk prayer assemly in the morning!
  • I miss those carefree days when the only worry in life was completing homework and cribbing about the next unit test!
  • I miss studying moral science and value education!! Stuff that ensured I stay TULSI forever!!
  • I miss strolling around the coconut trees in school with my friends in the name of P.T!
  • I miss fighting! Oh damn! Those days of being a fighter-cock are long forgotten!
  • I miss going with Pooja and Radhika to 'favourite place' trying to avoid certain people!
  • I miss school like hell!!!
  • I miss being gossiped about
  • I miss being linked with people I never went out with!
  • I miss talking away to glory in Gujarati!!! The only place where I speak in Gujarati!
  • I miss my junior college.....
  • I miss standing on the Vile-Parle FOB with Radhika and Akshata and Radhika and talking about all our guy problems! If we had rather spent that time studying, we'd all have been in KEM doing medicine!
  • I miss making Akshata miss train after train!
  • I miss eating half a plate of sevpuri and drinking only Chocoshake at McD for over a year even when we had free coupons for eating at McD!!
  • I miss walking with Neha to and from college to SPs.
  • I miss the SP days!!!
  • I miss studying Botany! I miss winning Nobel prizes in Literature during Botany pracs! I miss eating chocolates hidden in dissection boxes with Ankita and Aanchal during the pracs!
  • I miss planning to open HAN India Pvt. Ltd with Hetvi and Aanchal!
  • I miss posing for numerous pics and make Ankit take the pics!
  • I miss bunking class tests and Saturday pracs and running away to Bandra with Lucky, Hetvi, Mansh and Ankita!
  • I miss making Ajay do all the lab work while Aanchal and I would talk about love, life and everything in between!
  • I miss eating from everyone's dabbas like there's gonna be a severe famine from tomorrow and God has allowed humans to be camels for a day!
  • I miss having no option but to eat Pizza and Pasta!
  • I miss going for movies at 7 in the morning!!
  • I miss gifting everyone with nothing but pictures of ourselves!!!
  • I miss writing articles for Campus Junkie and my blog during Cell Biology lectures!! Damn, along with them getting over, my creativity, too has gotten over!
  • I miss talking to Aanchal during lectures via Paper Messenger, then via MNS messenger in the evening and vio the phone at night!
  • I miss changing the Personal messages on MSN every evening according to mood....which always were something about love, life and everything in between!!! And, I miss Aanchal copying my messages and putting it as hers!
  • I miss eating, drinking, gossiping and harassing the teachers in practicals
  • I miss the 'what are you saying' expression on Ankita's face and her 'Even she has a boyfriend?? Let's jump from the window!' everytime we gossiped!
  • I miss going to all possible colleges to participate in Biotech quizzes and and returning with only a 'participation certificate'!!
  • I miss my degree college....and LIKE HELL!!
  • I miss studying at my house, even though it meant me making tea for Ajay and Aanchal, missing being in the best pics taken because they were taken in my absence and making all these slothballs climb 4 floors!
  • I miss travelling with Mansh while going to Aanch or Hetu's place to study
  • I miss 'eating' at Aanch's house!
  • I miss screaming everytime my chocolate was snatched from me!
  • I miss standing at the bhelwala for hours after classes got over and crakcing jokes with Aanchal, Ajay, Abhishek, Hetvi, Mansh and Amit (I don't believe myself right now!)
  • I miss my MBA classes with these guys!!

Damn it!!! I'm missing my life that it was!!!! Only, if I could do it for the rest of my life as well!!


Aanchal said...


blunt edges said...

signs of growing old :P

lol @ TULSI, HAN (everyone has this kinda dream kya?) & "even she has a boyfrnd?" :D:D:D

i miss the chocolates i just finished ;)

Lakshmi Prabhu said...

I miss those moments too!!!!....*sigh*

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

I miss those days of wearing my red and white checkered pinafore with a white blouse to school

Aditya said...

ahhh you summed upp my life-every ones life-every single of them who enjoyed his college life to the hilt.
Good post :)

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: I miss the old Aanchal....

@ BE: Yeah, I guess everyone dreams to open a company with their friends....but only Narayan Murthy realised his!!!

@ Lucky: Tell me about it, I'm gonna be stuck in Bandra for 2 more years...and it's gonna be painful without you people!

@ Manalee: Don't even start about missing school....just passed by St. Anne's...and man! was I sad!!

@ Aditya: Thanks!!

flipped.... said...

nothing stops u even now...!!
to go back to those days..
but remember the more time u spend reliving those days in your mind the more wretched you might feel!

And, erm, whats the point of life if we get everything we want, or if we understand the importance of something while we are with that thing, or the person or the moment!

some say, have a drink, and move on!

I say, keep them hidden in your heart and look forward to more magic that life has to offer and enjoy it before you end u missing it too!

(damn, i mini blog inside a blog!)

Nupur said...

@ Dhaval: Hehe, I know!! But when you look back, there's a heavy heart, at least for a while..and i blogged in the span of this 'a while'!!

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

u came to borivili?? and u dint meet me!!!!

Nupur said...

@Manalee: arey i had come for a function was more like a blink and you'll miss it trip!! Had come to kandivli to be precise! Went to borivli by mistake because my Dad kinda got confused in the new roads and all!! It's changed like hell man!! I'll meet you for sure, don't worry!

ankit said...

thnx 4 mentionin me.......i miss dat too......but i think v all cn move on, so dat v can get more topics to gossip bout, more ppl to bitch bout, more time to waste bout doin all dat v arnt supposd to do........

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: Touche!!!

workhard said...

Oh i have a lot of things on my miss list...

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Anonymous said...

hope u got a flashback of u r school memory ....