March 2, 2010

Karma, Confessions, Holi and a New Story!

I just don't get the concept of hitting unsuspecting strangers walking on the road with water balloons in the name of Holi. I don't get the need for celebrating festivals at all is another thing altogether, but this thing of hitting people with water balloons is the most annoying one! Imagine, you are walking on the road, immersed in your own thoughts and then boom! there's a balloon on your shoulder and you're cursing the person with all the English expletives you know! I mean, if you're so into celebrating festivals, then celebrate it with your friends and family..... why are you dragging people whom you don't know into celebrating it! Actually, now it's become more of harassing women than celebrating Holi. Yes, I have become blunt. I know, by now, especially after reading the first two lines of this post and the entire last post, you must be wondering if I'am anti-social. No, I'm not anti-social.... I just don't like people! More so now, when I'm renewing my friendship with old friends at the same time of cutting ties...umm reducing ties with other friends. It's all a part of the game of life!

I'm just beginning to discover how ironical life is. On the one hand, I'm losing touch with my bestest friends while on the other hand, I'm making best friends out of friends. Similarly, I feel I've suddenly grown up in the past 6 months... I've not as naive as I was earlier.... I don't trust people that easily, I don't get hurt that easily....and most importantly.... I've learnt to let go of people......where as on the other hand, I feel like a kid.I mean, I was this over-matured person who, had directly gone to adult stage from infancy bypassing childhood (According to my Mom and Sis).But now, I feel young at heart. Feel like this lost childhood has come back to me! I feel like a 2 year old baby actually!! I've suddenly started liking kids is a different story altogether!

I know, the people who've been reading the story that I'm writing here are quite pissed with me,now that I've stopped writing the story. I'm really sorry guys, but I'm bored of the three of them! I'm now thinking of writing a new story.... it's a simple love story between a guy and girl... no love triangles involved...and it's their journey to getting married. This comes from an online challenge I had taken up unnecessarily on my Facebook status update when I said that Two States sucked big time and that I can write a better story than that!! So, I'll start writing that in some time....and then you decide which version of Two States is better! What do you get to vote for my version......umm.... I'll complete the's that for a deal?!?? I know, I'll make an offer you can't reject!! For all the people who've been spending sleepless nights thinking of whatever happened to Ahaana, Anay and Arjun.... here's a little dope..... Ahaana finally got rid of her emotional baggage and the jerk, Anay .....and she lived happily ever after with Arjun. Now don't ask me what had Anay done to her... I just don't like Anay....and as it's my story.... so, I made Ahaana go with Arjun!!
Keep visiting this site for the exclusive premiere of my new story!!!


Adisha said...

over time relationships and one's view of them changes... more often than not,it's sad coz the relation changes not for the better but turns into a confused state...

I don't know why over the years mistrust of people has grown in me as well.. but u know what ?? trust though not easy to come by is extremely important inorder to live life carefree :) ironical right ??!

Yeah, even I don't get the stupidity of people throwing baloons at strangers... that's just WRONG !! Looking forward to your story ... though I personally enjoyed Two States .. for it's humorous moments.. :)

ankit said...

i can vouch for the fact that u are not "anti-social".....infact u cn be da best of frnds to an extent dat u cn even fight 4 dat person!!!!!!!!!!!

da childhood ur xperiencin is a part of all of us..........v r mature when v need 2 be but act like children when v r with our loved ones!!!!!!!!!!


Samudra said...

The fact that Holi has been hijacked by perverts is sad. But the fact that you dont know why it is played, or what is the true spirit of Holi, is even sadder.
Check out this link. You should understand what I mean.

About growing up, it happens. Lives change. People change. You need to hold on to the ones who never let you down, and if they did, then forgive. (Though I personally never forget.)

About the story Aahana, Arjun, Anay story... I had an idea just now. Why not open-source it? (Or crowd-source, if you prefer.) Could be very interesting. You get people to mail you the next chapter. Pick the one that you like the most, and then publish. For next chapter, repeat process. This way, you could have a new chapter coming out every week. You retain control, and also dont have to spend much time.

(If this effort makes you an international celebrity, remember me! ;)

Btw, this could also be an interesting case study for your MBA course. You should be having some course on Social Media/ New Age media or some shit like that, right?