March 28, 2010

All Men Are Dogs

Since the past few days, all I'm hearing are angry rants which is the reaction to my previous post wherein I had mentioned....generalised rather that 'All Men Are Dogs' and they cheat. So, after that, everywhere I went, I was pulled into an animated tirade on how I shouldn't generalise all men. But then ,why not? Now, these are the same male- friends of mine who i) admitted they have cheated previously ii) said they'd not mind sleeping if a hot girl were to hit on them iii) they'd not turn down a job offer if their lady-bosses asked them to sleep for the job. So, now, I conclude that men are not only big time dogs and cheaters....but they also are HYPOCRITES of the highest order!!!
P.S. - Saluting my friend who actually resisted making out wit a hot girl even when she was seducing him, despite being in a semi-drunken state.....only because he loved his girl-friend too much. So, according to my generalisation, he's a cute chi hua hua whereas the others are Alsations!

And men cheat not only in relationships, but also while playing sports and in betting. I'm sure all girls will agree with me on this one that one of the main reasons why girls get only to field and never bat while playing cricket with guys is because this stupid insecurity of the Y chromosome!! And, don't even get down to how much they cheat in betting with innocent girls like me! I'm already 400 bucks down. And considering that I'm betting 100 bucks per match and there are 35 matches more to go.... I'll need a loan to pay for my debts. Which,incidentally are a result of the advantage my friend has as he knows people who tell him who's gonna win the match beforehand! Now, I need better friends who show some chivalry and let me win some money and some bookie friends too!

While talking about cricket, there's one thing I don't understand. Why does the entire world hate Kings XI Punjab?!? Or is it because they know that I love the team and support them that's why they love to irritate me. I mean come on, they are not that bad. Yes, Yuvraj Singh is....but the rest of the team is pretty cool.... they have Irfan Pathan and Brett Lee in one team!!! And.... Irfan Pathan is not GAY! So people please stop hammering that in my ears!! KXIP is gonna won IPL 4..... !!!! I'm sure abput this....anyone wanting to bet 100 bucks on this?!?!


Anonymous said...

so totally agree!

Tushar Sathe said...


purnima said...

i agree wid u dear...

CRD said...

funny how only men who cheat are 'Dogs'...and the women with whom they cheat their partners aint 'bitches' :P

So much for hyporcrisy


arshat.chaudhary said...

About the male friends:
i) Okay, they have cheated and are entitled to be called dogs.. However, a Relationship analysis should be carried out before we start labelling them..
Btw, why are they still your friends?
ii)hot girl hitting on your friends? If you are talking bout MBA frds, this situation is non-existent.. Except for a few of ur frds (like me)
iii) non-existent again...

P.S. For your friend who resisted the seducing hot girl, well, the only reason he got tht impression was coz he was semi-drunk! All she must have said is- where's the bathroom, u semi-drunk dude? :P

I love this blog :)

Nupur said...

@ CRD: Good point! Wonder how i left that out!!

@ Arshat: i)They are my friends because it was eleven when they cheated ;-)
ii)Wow! Hot girls hit on were they Delhi girls or German girls??
iii) it was a situation narrated to me by a friend about what happened with one of her friends!

P.S- Well, she really did!

I love your blog as well..... just wish you could do something about the frequency of the posts!!

Niwi said...

slow down girl, not all the men are shit, almost all, yes, but there are also good ones, HYPOCRITES may be female or male, there is no sex...

Don't generalize

ankit said...

i dunknw bout cheating in relationships but cheating in the professional front is essential to an extent to enhance your prospects better than others. its natural. "survival of the fittest". and if every1 is cheating around you and you dont cheat, u r left behind.