March 6, 2010

And The story Continues...

Wow! This one's real quick! After a long hiatus, two back to back posts plus Chapter 15. Nice. I'm proud of myself! Here's a bit of good news for all those who've been reading my story... the chapter 15 has been posted. And I'm sure many of you may not like what I've written about what happened between Anay and Ahaana, but that's the best I could think of in the 6 months!! There was a good idea given to me by Samudra that I throw the story open for people to continue.... so if you think you have a better continuation of the story, mail it to me at and I'll post the one I like the most. Thanks Samudra for the idea. And, I had no clue people were missing my story so much! Thank you people! It's after re-reading all those lovely comments that I feel that I should continue writing and not stop blogging and writing stories. I'm hoping to come up with my take on Two States pretty soon. I hope you guys like it.

I've learnt a very important lesson on life. Never take a guy for shopping with you. Not even when he insists! Because, you anyways are blessed with the great Libran indecisiveness and that coupled with a guy's complete lack of focus is a perfect recipe for disaster. I had gone chappal shopping and when I asked my friend for his opinion on how the chappals were looking on me, he rather tells me, "You have ugly feet". Yes, thanks for reminding me that I have feet that are a cross between a penguin's feet and a duck's feet, but I asked you how the chappals were! Guys are just useless. All they are good for is paying the bill and holding your shopping bags...which I made him do!

Even Facebook's become boring these days. I guess people are too bored of it now. No one comments on status updates, people don't take ignominious quizzes....nothing. Life has suddenly become boring! And how much I ever try I just can't get hooked onto Twitter! And I'm considered to be the biggest social networking site addict! Time to leave the throne, I guess!!

I've really reduced talking! I'm in the mood to write but don't know what to talk about! OMG! MY friend Rao must be lighting up fire crackers unable to contain his excitement after reading this! Here's one more example why men are dogs. I asked him to name his new born niece NUPUR so that in future she also attains great heights of success just like her namesake....and this guy has the freaking audacity to come and tell me that he's looking for a name for a human baby girl and not a radio station. What freaks do I have for best friends! God, send me some humane human friends!

Since the past one week, I really don't have any other topic to talk on but my story. So you'l have to put up with it again. At my MBA college people are rather shocked when they hear that I write stories! And that's quite freaky. Maybe this could also be because of the fact that at Mithibai, people had seen how jobless I was in Biotech lectures where in I used to write stupid blogposts. Now, when I do that in Operations lectures, people really look at me as if I'm a lunatic! So that's creepy and that one reason I'm not able to blog more. I have boring lectures, but not the inspiration and the ambience to write!! Anyways, I had given up on the Ahaana-Anay-Arjun story. I know, Vinod tried a lot to make me write, he even did my finance assignment for me in return of chapter 15, but I was still not motivated to write the chapter. Then a couple of people from my MBA college read the story and again tried to talk me into finishing the story. I agreed perfunctorily knowing well in my head that I'm not gonna complete it. But then there's always this one person whom you can't say NO to and you're again motivated to complete things you had long given up on. So all the people who were waiting for chapter 15, please thank my friend. I've completed the story because there was one thing that he told me which made sense..... he said.....complete things and then give up...and respect your readers' time...give them some return on investment (I hate MBA Finance!) So, I dedicate Chapter 15 to a person who's not even read the story and has told me he'll never read it. God, I really need better friends now!

Anyways, I think that story'll end as soon as I receive mails from you guys. So better hurry up! In the meanwhile I'm starting to work on a new story and Aanchal has like always finalised the names for me.... it's a love story between Aditya and Aisha. Yes.... my love for names beginning with A continues ;-)


arshat.chaudhary said...

Long time I had been on this blog... You havent changed one bit..
And men are very focussed when they shop okay... Ask the girls who go shopping with real men (that would be me)
And dont post all chapters of your book.. make money out of it.. yaar MBA mein kya seekha? :P

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: Wow! Expatriates visiting my blog! Nice... I'm becoming a mini celeb now! And about posting all the chapters, I'm doing CSR before the business! It's a new marketing strategy! *wink*

Harini said...

Its been very long since I have seen you around. You know, you should blog atleast for me :P. You are the 1st ever person I followed and read :P. Anyways how have you been? I changed my blog address. I am now off to chapter 15 see you there and oh, i hope you start writing the story soon :).

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Im famous! :D

You are welcome.

Some lessons I feel I should share, because of my infinite wisdom and.. umm.. nothing-better-to-do-ness :
1. The only reason a guy would go shopping with a girl who is not his blood-relative, is to be on the lookout for opportunities to get down on 1 knee and propose to her. (Or if you are me, to get the girl to feel guilty enough and offer you ice-cream. Loads and LOADS of icecream!! )
2. Facebook has become orkutized. I dont know which was worse, receiving a friend request from "BhamBhamBole Baba", or that I had "14 mutual friends with him". I kid you not. Proof? Here you go -
3. Men are dogs. Women are bitches. Get used to it.
(Btw, ever since I got a pup, when he is being naughty, i call him "You human!".)

Ok now for the story part.
Hows this - "The horrible perfume that Aahana had liberally sprayed on the saree attracted a mutated abomination created by the nuclear waste dumped into the sea a few kms away! The quarter-crocodile, quarter-shark, 4/5ths-human and 1/5th fox-y creature rushed out of the water, ate both of them up. The End."

(No, sorry, I cannot accept the Booker on tuesday. Thats when I will be accepting the Pulitzer. No, saturday is at the Nobels. Duh. Nono! It is spelt "SAMUDRA")

I think I have done enough damage here. Time to go save the world.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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