September 27, 2008

CAT, Imran, Irfan.... as usual!!!

I logged onto 5 times since morning to post something, but went without posting. You can call it ennui. Boredom, for people who aren't learning new Vocab words. Quants, DI, AIMCAT solutions, DNA typing, Quants(A lot of thing in this in this time table is fabricated.. This was just an archetypal timetable I wish I could follow!!). That's my schedule for a day(Amen!). God, please get me through CAT this time itself.... I can't study Quants for another year!!!

So as to prevent myself from falling to sleep while solving QA at night, I've started listening to those night radio shows.... not those "Loveguru" types!!! It's fun actually, though to listen to them for a maximum of 22 secs.... just amazing to know that almost the entire city faces problems you faced!! And don't worry, I'm not one of those Devdas types to listen to these shows everyday.... I listen to Nightrogen on Radio Mirchi.... it's not a Loveguru show.... it's kind of a thing for the college crowd! The only hitch in this show is that the RJ plays Himmesh a lot!! Tandoori Nights...... EWWWWW!!! More on Himmesh bashing later.

Biotech, I thought would suck bigtime, as I had lost whatever interest was left in me last year for the subject, but surprisingly, this year Biotech is really ain't the Greek and Latin professors spoke while teaching us. So hopefully, I'll scrape through TY! First I'll have to save face for my 6th Oct exams!! A few terrorists who've been caught by the police, were found to be IT engineers. Finally I got a witty repartee to my sis, a to-be-engineer, whenever she says teasingly that we BIOTECHNICIANS (as in those mechanic types.....and yeah, my degree holds no value to her!!) aren't gonna do anything further in life due to various factors (No, she doesn't know about my Bandra trips with my friends!!), I can say that at least people from my fraternity don't go around planting bombs!! I know, it was a very insensitive and callous comment, but at least for time being I don't have to called out a BIOTECHNICIAN!! Another friend of mine, too got help dealing with her siblings by the same line!! The best part of all this is that it hasn't struck my sis that Biological bombs is far more lethal!!!!! I seriously wonder how my gang and me have survived 3 years of playing holi with lethal bacterial cultures in the lab!!

I really can't resist Himmesh bashing, so without wasting time, I'll get down to it. In one of the songs he's wearing this deep V necked black Tshirt, showing off his Veeted chest. What point does he want to prove?? That he's hot and sexy....!!! I guess, he thinks that after being tormented to Aag, the recent Yashraj flicks and the likes, our taste has really degraded..... Dude... it has not!! So please cover up! Veet is better off with Katrina for product endorsements. The dame who's the actress in this movie... I don't know her name, although Ankit did tell me, and I forgot, and now to expect that I'd Google out that chick's name... would be well.... too optimistic!! Yeah, while we are at this dame... she looks mentally challenged to me. No offences, but seriously...she doesn't look normal! And going by the decisions she's taken in life (agreeing to do Karzzzzz .... still unsure of the number of z's!!!), I'm not totally wrong in my assumptions!

How can I not talk about Imran Khan?? Just saw the new Kidnap video.... where he's in this sexy see through white shirt, with a deep V neck under a waterfall....... a song to die for!!! There were 5 pages of Imran Khan in today's What's Hot paper.... Total treat for me! Early birthday gift, I presume! And he was totally breathtaking!! There were two things in there which I totally agree : 1) The fact that you can't have him, makes you want him more!! 2) The tattoo gives him the "edge" girls like in boys!!! On the sixth page, there was Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika s**t Padukone. The bit of news on them was totally putting off, especially when one had just read 5 pages on IK! And the fact that they resembled Siamese twins conjoined at the hips and palms(the credit for inventing this phrase goes to my sis, who describes the couples in her college with the phrase! Couples in engineering colleges...??? Since when??), did not assuage my feelings!Aanch, you can have Ranbir.... Am not interested... not until he changes his taste in women!

I have company!! Irfan can't dance saala!! Yay!! I dunno why I'm happy for the fact that he can't dance in a dancing show, and might get eliminated because of it!?! But the fact that I'm not the only one who can't dance gives a moral support kinda thing! Sreesanth, I thought was a fab dancer, but he didn't dance in the show the way he danced in the Pepsi ad. And Wasim Akram looks soooooo HOT! Even at.... whatever his age is!!! Irfan can't dance.... but he can sing.... he's gonna sing Chaudvin Ka Chand in tomorrow's episode....for whom?? I dunno?? If you're listening/reading (too optimistic, I know!!) Irfan, I really really really love guys who can sing and that's how, I'd like to be wooed!!!!! Yay! I love Colors!!

Chalo, I'll go back to Radio Mirchi and Quants!!

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