March 25, 2008

One year @ Table 1

Round Table one conference:Aanchal,Me,Ajay(original table oneites),Ankita,Manshi,Hetvi,Hinal and Fatty(extended table oneites!)
I don't remember attending the first two months of my First Year BSc in Biotechnology at Mithibai College,simply for the reason that I didn't like the crowd. Although I chose Bsc and it wasn't out of compulsion that I took this course,unlike many of my classmates,I somehow couldn't get myself to attend college. This primarily could've been due to the wonderfully lit and aerated classes we were put in and secondarily due to .... well ... hmm.... you are smart enough to get it! FYBsc came and went,without us coming to know of it(we knew about it only before Saturdays ..... Botany pracs,Botany exams,or while completing Botany journals!!) Life revolved only around Aanchal(on Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays!) and Hetvi(on Mondays,Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays!) For people who are wondering, I used to bnk college on Tuesdays,Aanchal on Thursdays and Hetvi on Saturdays....... for no apparent reason! The three os us always together..... we even opened a company HAN India Pvt. Ltd.(you'll read about it more,later). The three of us agree that we'd have dessicated if we didn't find each other! It was a great year.Then came SYBsc. We were relieved to leave back Botany..... yeah I know we were a little premature in celebrating...... we genuinely had no idea what was going to hit us next!

I joined college about 2 weeks late,ofcourse due to my US trip(more on it later!). And Aanchal and Hetvi had made new friends.... not that they had forgotten me! I was pleasantly surprised to find new friends(because generally I don't make new friends when I have made real good friends in the same place).We became friends with the rest of the gang.... Ankita, Manshi, Ajay, Ankit, Fatema, Lucky, Hinal, Neha, Mansi(names are in a random order). Then came the sorting ritual for the seating arrangement in the lab, and due to my trip and late admission i was Roll No.94,instead of 61 which would've had me immediately ahead of Aanchal and Ajay. But thanks to lack of place in the Micro lab, I came between Ajay and Aanchal in the first row! See that's where my coming-between-Ajay-and-Aanchal started! And in the Biotech lab(heaven on earth!!) due to Khushboo's ultimate exasperation with Ajay,Hetvi and Aanchal's poor quality of jokes and the frustrating habit to be able to laugh at ANYTHING, she changed her place and I got a chnace to enter! Thats the Table One Genesis!

The very first experiment we were asked to perform was the MBRT, where we had to add Methylene Blue dye after boiling the milk. But we being Table oneites and being in our own sweet world in the lab and due to our certain disregard to rules we did not believe in listening to the Teacher's instructions, we ended up adding the dye before heating the milk! And disaster followed! Our experiment went down the drain,so did our reputation in Rency M'am's eyes! Sorry M'am! This was just one of the blunders by Table One,many more were to follow in the course of the year... which included adding all possible dyes ..... DNSA,Basic Fuchsin,CV,Iodine etc in milk samples and making some kinda cancerous milk....all the dyes are carcinogenic na, to adding the same dyes to Sodium alginate to make colourful encapsulated beads. The teachers no doubt were extremely harrowed with Table One, but they could do nothing as we were the worst of brats anyone could've encountered.Our antics,initially upset the teachers but then they learnt that there's no use correcting us as we toh are laat ke bhoot who will not understand baat ki bhasha!We ate the samples we were supposed to test,we ate vadapav in the lab while performing Micro experiments,we broke somethign or the other EVERYDAY,we never even MADE a Rough Journal,we never PERFORMED experiments..... basically we did NOTHING, but yet we attended all the practicals in Term I. In Term II we didn't even bother attending pracs..... we were busy gracing other colleges' competitions and recieving PARTICIPATING certificates for ourselves every weekend! And the only practical which Table One attended was attended by not more than 7 people(mind you,Table One itself consists of 4 people!) That was the year that just went by..... total masti,zero level of seriousness and a certain disregard to rules..... but this didn't mean that we didn't respect the teachers. Biotech Teachers are the loved and respected by all of us..... I mean you harass the ones you love na...... And we know that deep within, Teachers too love Table One..... Hetvi even got Rency M'am to admit it!!! They love us and we love them! Its a mutual admiration society afterall!! Really looking forward to the Industrial Visit with all the teachers and ofcourse my co-Table Oneites!

P.S: For people who think that we left SY without paying for the mischief, you are wrong, humko laat padi...... Journal ki laat...... I'm sure Rency M'am will agree!!! (We love you Rency M'am for seeing to it that our journals were perfect.)

All in all it was MISCHIEF MANAGED!!!

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