March 25, 2008


Why is it always changes its questions when we have found the answers to the previous questions? Why is it that we look for answers whose questions we dont know? Why is it that answers to even the most obvious questions are so dreadful? Why is it that we fear answers to certain questions but in heart of hearts we want to know the answers? Why is it that we fear asking questions to that one person from whom we desperately want an answer?Why is it that, that one person never asks us "the question" whose answer we have rehersed time n again in the bathroom? Why is it that, that one person never realizes that he has to ask "something" n we have to answer "something".why is that when we finally muster up the courage to finally ask "something" .....he says....."I'm a bit busy can we talk later"?Why is it then day in day out u wait for that one fone call? Why is it that u r filled with 1 million joules of energy wen that name flashes oon the cell phone screen? Why is it that with every ring, u hope its him,with every msg u hope its his? Why is it that if the call or msg wasnt his ,u lose 2 million joules of energy?? Why is it that one HI and BYE is more important than another 10 million HI's n BYE's? Why is it that he always forgets to call u n u call him?Why is that when u finally go to "tell" him,he asks you how girls like to be "asked" and u r on top of the world"? Why is it that after this u wait for the "question" but you just dont get to "answer" it? Why is that when again u decide to ask the "question" yourself to him, you find him saying "Do u feel the way i do for u?" and you reach cloud nine? Why is that you go numb answering this "question" although you have rehersed the "answer" like an Ocsar speech?Why is it that you finally manage to open you mouth to "answer" and u come to know that this "question" has to be "answered" by someone else? Why is it that he "asks" you but wants the "answer" from someone else? Why is it that he asks u if SHE will give the "answer" that he wants? Why is it that SHE gives the "answer" to his "question" the way he wanted? Why is it that he asks u to come and meet her? Why is it that you go with your best friend and squeeze her hand till she shouts in pain when u see THEM holding hands? Why is it that he colud never see the pain,the tears,the feelings,the undying love that u had for him? Why is it that, he-the one who could once read your eyes,could hear you when u didnt open ur mouth can't see ur eyes shouting? Why is it that he cant understand ur silence? Why is it that he takes this "silence" as your approval of HER? Why is it that you r happy within ur heart to see him happy with HER? Why is it u have such a big heart that u can see HIM with HER n being happy about THEM? Why is it u r genuinely happy for THEM n not just pretending like what ur friends feel u r doing?Why is it that he goes on and on takling about HER? Why is it that he doesnt realize your eyes drifting away from his when he talks about "HER"?Why is it that he cant make out your fake smile when he talks about HER? Why is it that he "asks" you if he should start talking to her and apologize ot HER if THEY have fought? Why is it that u hav such a big heart and always get THEM together......immaterial of the heartache u go through?? Why is it Why is it that he, years later wants u to be HER maid of honour? Why is it that he names his first kid on you? Why is it that u then realize that he always wanted to ASK YOU that QUESTION but did not.....fearing that he would lose you if you didnt "answer" him the way he wanted!! Why is it that this was why your opinion always mattered to him? Why is it that YOU could never read HIS eyes? Why is it that some relations get so complicated and they then cease to have a name??Why is it that both of you realize this when its too late......and u r with ur husband and he with HER ......and u still wonder "IT COULD HAVE BEEN US!!!!!"
Why is it that there is no Z after this Y.................... wish there was something after every WHY. Wish there was someONE after every WHY.


ajay said...

Ahhhh... finally nupur is doing some good work, a much needed reprieve from the daily "K-bashing".
Well at the outset let me congratulate nupur for taking "OUR" lives beyond the labs and classrooms(i.e if they exist).The readers may find the articles fictional but believe me they are true to the core.
NUPUR my only suggestion to you is that pls. dont try to crack jokes in your blogs and in the process take away innocent lives. HAhaha

PRASAD said...

i love dis one....
it seems as she has taken out her heart n kept it in frona u!!!!!!!!!!