March 26, 2008

I'm gonna miss my SP days!

From L to R: Rads,Aks and Nups.

Now that I've written about my college life, I feel inappropriate if I don't write about the days spent at SP Classes, a place where I found my 3 best friends, Radhika,Akshata and Rao at a time when I was completely bollixed up with the term "friendship". And its gonna be such a wonderful trip down the memory lane as I write this one!

Radhika and I knew each other since school, we met in school and became friends after we left school!! We entered SP Classes on Dec 12,2004(see I remember dates concerning you people too) at around 1.45 to see some people scattered in a class. We chose to sit on the second last bench besides a verrrrrryyyy tall girl, Akshata who was sitting with Alisha......... my first impression of Akshata was that she was of behenji types!!!(sorry!)Rads and Aks became friends(I told you people na I don't make new friends when I have good old ones!) and then I was dragged in the scene and that's how the three of us became friends and the second last bench became our second home for a good one year!Me, being me started ranting about my life, and Akshata and Radhika had no option but to listen to it! That's how the bond deepened.
Today whenever I pass by Vile Parle station, I make it a point to inform(for the n th time!) whoever is with me that the three of us used to stand there and talk about our guys problems(mine,to be more precise!!) Those trains that we made you miss, Akshata........ agli train please! I miss going down to eat half a dosa and half a sev puri in the stingy 30 min break we used to get in the gruelling 7 hour day we used to have at SPs! Agreed, that I seldom ate, but I never used to stare at you guys when you used to eat like what Parth said! Ah! Parth! How could I miss mentioning him! One of the best mimics I've ever seen! Remember the "Good Morning,Rads,Nups,Aks" notes that we used to find early in the morning written by Parth in the previous day's evening batch? And then writing "Good Evening,Parth" back! Somehow this mode of communication has its different charm than the SMS!
But I still don't get how you guys don't like Malini M'am! My organic chemistry rocks totally because of her....... yeah she was strict but that helped,right? I'll always cherish those dreaded before-Malini M'am-lecture-minutes where everyone used to run to the other batch to enquire about her mood and if she asked any quetions,also the hiding of faces in our books so that she wouldn't catch us! See, Akshata my short height helped! Gossiping,keeping a track of other people's relationships,slyly walking past them while they were with thier guys was so much fun! But the best of all was coming between Rads and Aks while walking and addressing them as my bodyguards..... Aks, come on you looked like one ok!
My vocabulary went for a complete spin staying with Aks. Never before had I used the word "chipad", "bhikaran" for anybody! "Aunty" still sounds awesome from you,Aks! I still don't get why on earth you two never liked the guys I liked at SPs....... they were better than the guys you people liked!
I miss you guys so much........ you know nobody listens to my purans the way you guys did! Nobody laughs at my jokes like how you did! Nobody thinks I'm funny! Nobody thinks that I can sing!Nobody thinks of me as you guys do!
Somehow telling my purans to other people isn't that interesting anymore...... Remember peeping into nearby classes to get a glimpse?I had been so mad na in 12th! But you know,I tried to wipe out the madness......... but then in the process, Nupur gets lost...... I was,am and will always be happy being mad, atleast with you guys........ beacuse you give a method to my madness! My madness isn't madness for you,its the "normal Nupur" for you! Thats why I don't mind making 90 min STD calls to you,Aks(and then tearing the bills later on!) because I need to tell you everything that happens because the way you abuse the people involved just tells me how much you love me! You remember you had told me after I returned from US that everything about me had changed(even the fact that I had started eating and started LIKING food!) except one thing........ This one thing will always remain (even if its over in my life), afterall this is the thing that will always have the three of us interested,no matter how life changes,won't it?I bet my life on it,it will!!! Hope our friendship never changes..........Three cheers to us! And yeah no matter how many ever new friends I make, I'll continue harassing you with my same ol' Puran!
P.S:I've not written much about my life with Rads and Rao not only because they've become synonymous with me but also because I don't have words to express their presence in my life, without whom I'd have fallen, THANK YOU for not letting me fall ever! (This doesnt mean that I don't love Akshata as much, I do, but that's at a different level!!)
More on Life with Aanchal and Hetvi later!

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