March 25, 2008

The missing jigsaw piece

Here I am sitting alone on a bench in a garden,
My shoulders drooping with an unknown burden,
Lips break into a smile looking at others joy
Because no one's played with their heart,thinking of it as a toy,
To think so is a lame excuse,a way of escapism,
It was my decision afterall,to walk with my eyes closed and fall into the chasm,
The chasm of betrayal,of hurt,of tears immortal,
You tried to stop me, if only I listened to you pal,
But the damage is now done,It was all here,in my hands but now its gone,
What is it that I want now,what is it that i crave?
Will this remain as the missing jigsaw piece on my grave?????


ankitshroff2002 said...

HAIL NUPUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i didnt knw u cud write such wndrful poems as well...............nw u cn boast of 1 true fan dat u hv......yup dats me........i m in awe of ur language skills n writin prowess(i thnk i hv spelt it wrng) n nw m in awe of ur poetic skills as well.......

u r one of da best prsn 1 hv met 2 date

saumya said...

heyy... long time no blogs....??