December 7, 2008

Beneath The 1000 Feet Of Shit Under Earth....

This feels like shit! Seriously.... I kinda agree when Ross said that beneath Earth, there's 10 feet of shit.... and beneath that... there's HIM! But I say... beneath Earth.... there's 1000 feet of shit... and then there are other losers who feel they're there... and then there's ME!!

It's just exasperating being frustrated with something and not knowing what exactly is troubling you. I dunno if it's the late reaction to my IIFT paper... which I was really looking forward to because it had a fatte campus... the fees were reasonable.... it was outta Mumbai.... and most importantly it's one of the best B-schools in India. Even my friends who tried to dissuade me by saying that Delhi is not as women-friendly as Mumbai, couldn't succeed...because I wanted to go there meant that I wasn't gonna listen to anyone once I had made my mind. And then missing it by 1 mark hurts(Acc to estimated result by TIME).... and it hurts like hell. Only if I had solved one more LA question... I would've been through.Damn! So this is the 8th institute where I won't get in!!

Now, I'm giving SNAP.... but why am I giving it? I dunno why.... but I normally have a vibe about things....and most often than not... it turns true.... and I'm not feeling too positive about SNAP... I don't know if I'm thinking too high of myself, but if SNAP institutes are the only ones I get... I'll take a drop. I don't want SNAP....! NMIMS....I've been brain-washed to accept NMIMS! I can't stay in that one gully any further.... 5 years and I'm sick of it!!! I really want SPJAIN..... but then...they don't want me! So it boils down to the fact that..... wherever I want to go.... I'm not allowed..... and all the places where I might stand a chance.... I don't want to go there!!! Gosh!It's like what Akshay Kumar said in Garam Masala : Jise hum chahte hain...woh hume nahi chahte.... aur jo hume chahta hain....use kaun chahta hain??? I'm thinking of dropping this MBA idea altogether!! Maybe... I'll ask one of my *aunties* to find an NRI for me... and get married...that'll be simpler.... atleast I won't have to write an exam there! Serving chai and all.... well.... we can always go to CCD right?!?!

And the worst of it all is the fact that I can't really speak it out. I've braved situations far worse than this just speaking out things to someone.... to's panacea... it can cure anything that happens to me... but somehow this frustration just doesn't come out. I try to tell Mom ...but she just doesn't get why I'm not just studying for my TY which is far more important(this is the first and final attempt there!). Can't discuss it with people who've given these exams because they don't want to check their results.... can't discuss it with people who've not given these exams because it's all Greek and Latin to them! So I gotta get it out here!!!

TY is acting like such a bitch(The teachers and the journal are only increasing the nightmare)! I don't know how I'm gonna study an entire year's portion in 2 months.... amidst preparing for GD-PI and CET. Yeah some hope in CET.... but that is washed off as well.... got my Univ. Practical exam worth 200 marks during the CET weekend... so in short it's gonna be RIP Nupur in Feb. Guess, I'll have to find a means of livelihood in blogging.... guess that's something I've been doing since the past 9 months and surprisingly I'm not bored of it as yet...which is a first time of sorts with me!!

The only silver lining I can see these days is well the fact that I've fallen in love again.... SACHIN PILOT. Don't know him?? Gosh! He was the only reason I followed the 2004 Lok Sabha elections like I followed Mohali in IPL!! Well, for the uninitiated, in 2004, he was youngest MP. And he's not like 'politicians'. He's educated and all..... St.Stephen's, Delhi.... IMT, Ghaziabad (I wanted to go here as well, but mom gave me a look I expected her to give me if I had said I wanted to go to cover the Iraq war!), and....... WHARTON School Of Business!!!!!! I mean WHARTON!!! Gosh! And he looks fabbbuuuullloouuuss!!! So, now, you may ask how this long lost love was ignited again... it was just that I was telling Aanch how hindi-filmish his marriage was(more on it later....people who haven't seen his Rendezvous with Simi Garewal on 28 May, 2006 may find it interesting) and I thought of you-tubing the episode....but no one except me has seen this episode I guess...for it wasn't there anywhere on net!! And all guys I like.... he's committed too!!! Sheh!! But still, chalega....mujhe kahan shaadi karni hain isse!! Anyone else from Wharton reading this may do!

P.S: One more depressing news for you... I'm on my way of writing Dostana spoof.... Mentioned it here just to mentally prepare you guys!


Aanchal said...

n sum ppl say i keep complainin

Nupur said...

@Aanchal: I wasn't complaining. I just wanted to vent out my feelings.... thats it.... i hadnt done it since 16 nov...for me thats like a millenium! thats it.

Sumit said...


One more MBA prep frustrated soul on this earth...!!

welcome to the club..!!!


Nupur said...

@ Sumit: Been in the club since a year!!

AJ said...

you'll get through it,just a matter of time..and dont worry about biotech,i think i was least prepared in class but still managed a score around 70%..
just enjoy the sitauational comedy called biotech,a year on you'll be laughing on how you were part of the greatest comedy flick of all time.just as i am doing,right now.

Ps-I hope young mp's like sachin pilot,milind deora turn around pur aged political system

Nupur said...

@AJ: I hope to just scrape by Biotech....have no hopes!!
I wish i see Sachin Pilot as the PM someday!! That day... Í'LL DANCE!!