December 16, 2008

Socha Na Tha

I have two exams in these two weekends.... and two functions in my family... on the same days... and the worst part of it all..... I bought two gorgeous Punjabis (OK... I can imagine Aanch fuming...) OK.. I bought two SALWAR KAMEEZes (what's the bloody difference, Aanch?)... yeah so the worst part of the problem is that I can't attend these two functions... It's not that I love attending functions...but just that I've acting like a 'girl' of late... yeah yeah... I've started liking getting dressed up! And when I've spent almost a bomb on the clothes... I should get to wear it na! And worse still, this is not the problem... the major issue is that I have journal correction tomorrow.... and the teacher doesn't really like me ... Last heard... she wanted to fling the journal on my face.... even when my experiment was right... and she goes on and signs for some other's girl same experiment, who had made the same mistake, apparently. And they say teachers don't take out personal vendetta! So, the bottom line is that I'm DEPRESSED and I don't know what to do... study or complete the journal! So I take the middle road... I leave my Quants (yes, it's been ages and I'm doing the same thing... yet I don't know the 123 of it!) and Biotech journal and switch on the TV. Escapism at its best!

And one silver lightening was that SOCHA NA THA was coming on the cable. For once my cable wallah put a watchable movie! And me being me, I can't miss Socha Na Tha for anything on Earth. It's such a sweet movie. I remember I had dragged my cousins to watch this movie on a Holi day... and the theatre was EMPTY.... except for us and two-three random 'couples'. I still can't forget the look they shot at me for even suggesting the movie.(Now after having suggested Dostana and Oye Lucky.... they really feel that I have a demented sense in movies! Thank God they forgot that once upon a time I had suggested a movie called Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi.... don't frown... there was no other movie around at that time and we wanted to see a movie badly!) Yeah, and of the entire coterie, I was the only one who liked(loved) the movie. I mean how can you not like it? It was so cute!! Trust me, I like Abhay Deol today only because of this movie. Ayesha Takia was so cute and adorable in this movie. Of course there was no silicon on her that time.. maybe that's why I liked her!

The story, the songs, the screenplay, the acting.... everything was just fantastic..... and more so because everything was so credible. Aditi was just like a girl next door... and Viren ... like a boy next door! In a way the reason I can watch this movie time and again is because Aditi's so much like me! I think if I have to rename myself, it'll have to be ADITI!!! I mean all the Aditis in all the movies are so freaking similar to me! (The other one being Aditi in Jaane Tu... ok... don't remind me of Jaane Tu... I'll start about it again!) But, still Aditi apart... the movie was WONDERFUL. Even the songs were so mellifluous.... especially the title track.... what lyrics.... "kabhi dil ke kareeb tumhe mere naseeb, yun payenge.....socha na tha.... ek chahat ka pal.... sab sawalo ka payenge ....socha na tha". And the way Aditi and Viren keep saying that they won't meet after that is just so cute!! (OMG... what's with me.... I'm acting like such a girl!!)

The moral of the movie is:
1) Guys are the ultimately confused, befuddled guys on Planet Earth and in their state of confusion, they confuse other non-confused souls.
2) Real life doesn't imitate reel life..... so no matter how much you do.... you'll remain what you are... a FRIEND... that's it!!

So, enough of SNT PRgiri from me... go and grab the DVD and watch it!!


pooja said...

hey..evn i luv 'SOCHA NA THA'....n its title track is jus sooo awesum...!!!

Nupur said...

@ Pooja: I swear!

Vikram said...

l0l@ Aditiness.

Note: Biotech is Godzilla.

Anonymous said...

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