December 31, 2008


Wow!! This feels like heaven!! No 'real' exam till Feb.... wow! Mini Vacation! Yeah, so the first thing I did was watch Ghajini. Now, I was really skeptical about it because the papers give it a real bad had 2 1/2 stars.... whereas Oye Lucky had 3 1/2 and it was PATHETIC. My family still hate me for taking them for it!! So I was just wondering, how Ghajini would be with just 2 1/2 stars! But then I was surprised to find out that it was much much better than Oye Lucky! At least I understood the movie and didn't have to rely on the Punjabi taught to me by Aanch!

So, you see Jiah Khan in the first scene. You gotta survive the scene to see the entire movie man! Jiah Khan reiterates the fact to me that ... yes! there is someone who's got worse hair than mine!! She seriously needs a rebonding job soon! The movie is really really violent with action scenes directly imported from South Indian movies!! Really now, never imagined Aamir, even with his 6/8/n pack abs to beat up 7 feet tall guys with as many number of packed abs or whatever it is called! I mean even they have the 'muscle' power to beat you, but they won't ... baddies don't beat the hero, I remember... they only kill the heroine and leave the hero alive so that he can avenge her death. Short term memory loss isn't that big a deal! Aamir was very good in the movie, as usual. But somehow Aamir doesn't convince me as a khoonkhar khooni.... his chocolate boy QSQT image is short-term-memory-loss proof!!

Asin is pretty and her hair...well... wonders of hair rebonding!! She's bubbly alright.... but she's dumb! I mean she never recognised a big-shot CEO?!? Must've never opened the paper, I presume! Jiah Khan.. I don't know... I need to see one more movie to really comment on her. (I'll wait for her next release.... not seeing Nishabd at any cost!) Now, I'm really confused if Ghajini was the same guy who played Darsheel's Dad in TZP or was he one of the baddies in Sarfarosh.... or if both... err...three of these people are the same!! But naming a movie on its main baddy....WOW! It's like writing your autobiography and giving it the name of the bitch who ruined your life!! Now, lets see some loopholes that marred the almost-non existent plot.

  1. How did Aamir start finding and hunting Ghajini's men? Did he google them??
  2. How whatever happened to his company?? There's something called as accountability to share holders, isn't it? Chuck the company... whatever happened to BMWs? I'm in the mood to get one, if they're giving them away!
  3. How did no one recognize a top CEO? Not the police guy... not another head of company... no one?? Guess, Times should shut shop.No one reads the paper in this country! It'll also help them combat recession!
  4. The police guy who entered Aamir's house and even managed to tie him up ran away like a bheegi billi later on! How preposterous... and he was double the size of Aamir!
  5. A Harvard grad wrote his diary in hindi..... must've given his GMAT/GRE in Bhojpuri then!

There were many more things that didn't go down easily but I'm not able to recollect them right now. Freak.... is this short term memory loss?!? Jokes apart, I really liked this movie for the way they showed a business guy! For once there was no lampoonofying! But Aamir's sleeves in the movie reminded me of the new "puff" sleeves that's in fashion these days.... in salwar kameezes!! I had fought 10 mins with my Mom to get those sleeves off my dress..... and now Mom says.... see even Aamir wears them!!! What an example! Guess he still isn't off that Tata Sky ad!

But, seriously there was a lot of violence in the movie... babies had started crying in the movie ka climax in the theatre! One reason I didn't want to see this movie was the violence, but then when you take other people for Oye Lucky.... they really want revenge!! I guess.... I'll never watch "SAW"..... some kinda God-forsaken movie which is really really violent. Guess, my friend who dared me to see this movie will win! I couldn't take Ghajini ka violence.... what and how will I watch SAW? I'd rather watch Exorcist! Ghost v/s human is better than human v/s human fighting!! Who's scared of ghosts anyways?? Just show it a mirror!! Ghosts are any ways less scarier than cockroaches!!

P.S: Note the ashleelta in Hindi film songs.... listen to Shut up and bounce!! Ram Ram!!!

P.P.S: SAW in the movie means the past participle of see or is it the carpenter's tool?? I'm really confused!


Aanchal said...

hw did u forget to mention kaise mujhe tum????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n yeah ths is the lst time im sayng..get into print journalism ull gv indrajit hazra a run for his column in HT!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: Im regular reader of HT but still somehow i havent felt like reading his column! I shd stop calling myself a regualr HT reader now, i guess!!

Rohan said...

Nice review there..!!and well Aamir khan is Aamir khan..He can beat up :P
Aamir Khan was an undercover non publicity seeking business so u gotta give it to him :P

And btw..'SAW' is one of most goriest movies i ve hostel too..but its a must must watch.I puked twice watching the 1st part..once during the 2nd part..and from 3rd part onwards..i look forward to it :D

Modern day ghosts dont run away from mirrors..they have better directors now :P


Nupur said...

@ Rohan: Haven't heard of Hostel... and I'm glad I haven't!!
Thank You for dropping by!

Fire and only Fire said...

nice post...keep it up

Nupur said...

@ Fire: Thanks!

Surya said...

Ghajini was awesome. You can leave your comments and other movie reviews here

Nupur said...

@ Surya: Ghajini was good... but Aamir has given us better...!!

I am the light within said...

hey nice one....
good job gurl!!
keep writing more

Nupur said...

@ Light: Thank You!

chirag said...

nice review yaar
ghajani is very good movie

and i think if u want a full movie on short term memory which have no flaws


you can see my blog at this address:-

ankit said...

hey pls dnt downgrade jiah to such an extent yaar.......evry1 cnt hv an awsm fashion sense like u!!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: Ankit...JIAH KHAN!?! please re... usse acchi toh sameera reddy hain!!

BTW, I love your compliment!! *On saatva aasmaan!*