December 17, 2008

Must Watch Movies of 2008

2008 was a very good year for Bollywood.... Presenting some must-watches this year

SUMMER 2007: This was touted as Abhishek Bachchan's best buddy's debut movie... Sikander Kher.... year the same hairy bear you despised.... he can't act... can't talk... but this movie was really really nice. It showed the journey of a few private medical college docs(read: rich spoilt kids of docs) from being completely indifferent to things around them to people who care... it also shows farmer suicides in a very poignant way. It marked the debut of Arjan Bajwa too(the Fashion guy). I seriously recommend you watch this movie... though the lead actor can't act! Listen to "Jaaniye" song... it's nice.

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na: Go drown yourself if you haven't watched this one.... especially when you're reading the blog of a die-hard Imran Khan fan!

Aamir: Girls know him as Sujal.... guys know him as THAT Sujal?? This film marks the debut of a lot of people.... from the actor to the director to the music director to the cinematographer. And what a film!! Spent 125 bucks on this one.... and was totally worth it. Everything was just perfect. Wonderful entry to B.wood folks!! But, Rajeev Khandelwal stands out... he's out of the "Sujal" mold and is believable as "Aamir". Listen to "Ha Reham" and "Ek Lau" . Wonderful songs and wonderful lyrics.... And yeah..... Mumbai's never been shot better!! the underbelly of Mumbai rather... watch it for it story, acting, music(songs as well as background), camera work and yeah.... for Rajeev Khandelwal.... if I may... he can be the next SRK...!

Dasvidaniya: Watch it for Vinay Pathak.... never mind allusions to 'The Bucket List'. "Muskura" by Sonu Nigam is just WOW!

Mumbai Meri Jaan: I haven't seen it..... and trust me I'm dying to see it. It's a wonderful wonderful wonderful movie!

A Wednesday: By far, Bollywood's most crisp movie till date.... yeah.... till date! Editing, story, acting..... everything was impeccable.... Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher at their best. Jimmy Shergill, if he had given performances like the way he did here and in Yahaan, he would've been in a different league altogether! Aamir Bashir was great too. But the winner was the 'common man' speech in the end!! Thank God... they didn't spoil the film by putting in unnecessary songs.

Rock On: Watch it for a tale that is yours in a lot of way... for Farhan Akhtar(he's the intelligent hot types!!), Arjun Rampal (He's just HOT!), Purab Kohli(Mazhar from HHH... one of my childhood crushes!!) and the rock concerts.... watch it from the forst row.... trust me ... you'll enjoy better. And yeah, watch it for having a dekko at Farhan's plush apartment too!

Halla Bol: Vidya Balan's dresses don't hurt in this movie...seriously! Watch it for the powerful acting and a very good execution of a story we've been wanting justice for.

U Me Aur Hum: I've written a lot about it here!! Please read it here

Khuda Kay Liye: It's not a Bollywood movie... it's a Pakistani movie...but it's BRILLIANT!! Wonderful take on terrorism from their point of view! And please please please listen to "Bandyaa Ho".... I don't really get what the singer is singing, but nonetheless, I love the song!!!

Lovestory 2050: Watch it only to learn how NOT to:
colour your hair....
be a philanthropist and do a movie... not even for your boyfriend...
say I Love You and cry.....!!! DON'T DO IT! Do it only if you wanna get SLAPPED and stay single or probably turn gay after the incident
imitate Hrithik...
overdance... or rather dance like a turtle.
Let classics remain classics (read: Star War series)
and most importantly: HOW NOT TO MAKE A MOVIE!


Vikram said...

Mumbai meri jaan is one sincere movies and wednesday a good one.
Other Movies gives me the creeps.esp. the pappu movie.
Lovestory 2050 in must watch list....i'm speechless...

Nupur said...

@Vikram: Love story was in the must watch list to depict WHY one should NOT watch it!

p.s: I havnt watched it either... the promos were enuf to give me nightmares!

Nupur said...

@ Vikram: Forgot to mention, the "pappu" movie was very good!

arshat.chaudhary said...

Arre thank u so much yaar.. I was so hoping someone wud come up with some list like this..
One movie I wud like to add to this is Mithya (Ranvir shorey starer..) And yeah the song of the year is "Superchor- Oye Lucky.." If u like rap tht is..

And I think you are being unjust when u talk bout Love story 2050.. Its sci-fi in the REAL sense.. I mean, LOOK- they cloned Hrithik Roshan!! :P

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: I haven't seen Mithya... so didn't write about that!

About oye Lucky... only the song is nice... the movie is SAD!!

Lovestory 2050... nice observation... how did I miss that?!?

Comfortably Numb said...

Some of them are really nice. For the rest Ill have to ask my mom ;)


ankit said...

wht bout jodhaa akbar, fashion, jannat,rab ne bana di jodi???????????

Nupur said...

@Ankit: I forgot about J-A and fashion. Havent seen rab ne... and Jannat was just about okay!

sachin said...

I love Rock On. Arjun Rampal was quite cool in the movie. I haven't watch Khuda Kay liye but have heard alot about it.

A Wednesday will be number 1 of 2008 bollywood for me. It was an excellent movie.

JTYJN ... good time pass movie. Songs were cool

Love your comments about Love 2050.

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Must Watch Movies of 2008

AJ said...

i think summer 2007 was really under rated..loved the movie..(and jaaniye too..ssshh...dont tell ppl who i

rock on was emotional since i was leaving home and friends..dont know when ill be comin back..

mumbai meri jaan and a wednesday were also masterpieces..

khuday kay liye is good...

but love story 2050 takes it...

harman(sobbing((atleast trying to)): i love you

(a monkey can say emote it better)

Nupur said...

@ AJ: Don't even start about LS 2050!! It fights with Himmesh to be on my most-bashed-up-list!!!