December 1, 2008

There still is blood on the streets

If I hear/read/watch/write one more word about Terrorism, I'll surely need to be sent either to a Depression Healing Clinic or some Terrorism Rehab Center! I'll talk about Terroism later... not any more. I've even stopped reading papers and watching NEWS because the entire episode makes you melancholic. Obviously, it was really egregious what those bastards did, but then just being sad and remorseful of what happened isn't going to be enough. We gotta keep this anger alive. We can't let the fires of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us go off so soon. Their sacrifices won't go in vain. Ok, so I'm doing exactly what I said I'd refrain from!

OK, in a way there's not much I feel like mentioning expect for terrorism. But I'll try.
Ever since I started blogging, I wanted my friends to blog as well. At least then would there be no 'Blog it you blogger' statements from them! Now, I'm really glad that Aanchal is blogging. Even if it means fighting!! Atleast there'll be one person less to maro that statement!! And yeah, there'll be more of Dhoni-Irfan wars in the comment sections of our blogs!!

Ok... where is this heading... what am I writing? Chuck, I'll write about terrorism.
Did you hear what that asshole of a State Home Minister(I don't even feeling like taking his name and spoiling my mood) said in a recent interview?? It was something like: Bade bade shehron main aise chote mote haadse hote rehte hain. In my life, I've never wished for any person to be dead,not even the cockroach who irritates me!! But, I seriously feel like saying that for R.R Patil. Mr. Patil... probably it was a 'chotta haadsa' to you as you weren't in there, you weren't in there as an NSG commando, woken up from your sleep to go and gun down terrorists with AK series of guns in the dark. Total darkness, mind you. You had a Z level security for yourself... you had 10 people to take bullets for you, but the people trapped/fighting at Taj and Oberoi didn't have that. Sometimes, I wonder, why these politicians need security. They're never attacked. It's we, the common people who're attcked, we're are dying. After, Rajiv Gandhi, I don't think any politician had been shot at.

In one of the reply to comments to my earlier post, I mentioned that I wouldn't have felt the way I am right now, had they attacked a hotel full of politicians and done a A Wednesday on them. If there are people like the Patils.... R.R and Shivraj... I'm sure I'll have people to second me on this. There's one more question that I want to ask Raj Thackeray.... TUMCHI Mumbai was hostage to terrorists for 3 days, where were you. The people who saved the city were all 'outsiders'. You didn't mind them? Why? They were 'uttar bhartiyas' and 'dakshin bhartiyas'... Don't you mind them taking all positions in NSG and not leaving anytihng for your 'marathi manoos'? I just loved what Ajay replied when I asked in anger, where the fuck Raj Thackeray was hiding! It's just too obscene for my blog!! Typical Ajay!!

Mumbai is angry. If you are not, watch the clipping of Maj. Unnikrishnan's mom talking to his dead body. TV has never made my eyes moist before. I could actually hear the song Lukka Chuppi being played in my head with Lata Mangeshkar and A.R.Rahman's spine chilling vocals... Prasoon Joshi's heart wrenching lyrics... damn... God, why didn't you just damn it??!! Please lets keep the fire ablaze and do something because these so-called leaders are as good as a Tamil newspaper to me. Or better, what RGV's visit to Taj was. Completely useless.

Democracy,my civics textbook defined it as, a government OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people. I see none of the three things. This govt. if definitely not FOR us. It's for themselves and the thing they love the most... their chair and the money and power that comes along with it. It's not BY us. I don't see how I can enter politics without having a 'godfather' in politics. India has a huge population. A billion! In school, we only learnt how it is a bane. But, it can be used as a boon. It is upto us how to do that. We're always short of personnel, they say. Are you freaking kidding me? One billion!! And you say you don't have people! Either you must be blind or I must be dyslexic. I remember when India needed people during Kargil, people joined the army by the dozens. Trust me, if I were physically strong (and tall!!), I'd have joined the army, or at least tried to. I know, India now needs people, and she'll have them. There is a peace rally on 3 Dec at the Gateway at 6.... please show solidarity to the cause.

1500 years ago, it was an Indian who taught the world to count. Aryabhatta. The father of medicine was Indian. Sushruta. It was an Indian who invented wireless communication. Jagdish Bose. 90% of world's computers run on chips made by an Indian. Vinod Dham. A man who fought a war without fighting was an Indian too. Mahatma Gandhi. Just imagine what a billion of us can do. Together. When we stand for what we believe in, we can change the world. Shakespeare said, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Isn't Mumbai scorned enough? Let us help Mumbai get back on its feet and not on crutches called MUMBAI SPIRIT. Let US stand up. Change we need and change we can, because change WE are.


Aanchal said...

standing ovation to that one..bcum a journo idiot thts whr u belong!!!

Nupur said...

@Aanch: Standin ovation for wat??
just right now, when i showed mom the bharti ad, she said i go in an advertising firm! now im confused agn..... advertising ke journo ke creator of a political party?!? Help me someone!

Navneet Jadhav said...


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manalee said...

pls advtg..dont evn think of it...pls....its not wat it seems like..bhart ad might llok very much pakced with emotions..but u neva know..wat the creative pple went thru doin it..ASK ME...try journolism instead....but media is a bloody..qucik sand...