May 22, 2008

Painting the world RED!!!

I'm over the moon!!! yaaahhhhh!! For those of you who are wondering why.... here's the reason why...... First of all, Punjab Kings XI WON!!!! Yipeeeee! And it won against Mumbai....It was again people against me! And my team won, even though just by 1 run, victory in the end was ours! But I had to take this happiness wth a pinch of salt...... Irfan was fielding near the West Stand at Wankhede!!! Nahiiiiii....... I had gone for the Mum-Chennai match there and was in the same stand and the player fielding near the stand was the most clearly visible player!! Hard luck, I know... maybe next time!! But all in all my boys in RED won!! yo!! We're in the Semis!

Moving on to other good news.... Red Devils won!!! Yipee..... Man U won the Champions League playing against Chelsea in a nail biting match! The goal C.Ronaldo scored was worth a million bucks! But i guess he's going to Real Madrid.... so time to change loyalties..... maybe no! There migt be some other cool dude coming in Man U!All in all Man U won both the EPL and CL!
Its RED all the way this season!!

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