May 27, 2008

Match in the stadium....!

Yeah yeah I know this should've come earlier but I was suffering from a massive writer's block so I'm writing about it now! Well I had gone for the Mumbai-Chennai match at Wankhede on the 14th of this month, ofcourse at the behest of my Dhoni crazy friend Aanchal!

Mobile phones were not allowed so we had no other option to smuggle them via our socks and shoes, this did generate marvel from some of the guys at the stadium! But what was the use of carrying phones when nobody clicked pics(mine, to be more specific!) We were in the West stand and the only two players whom we could see were Bravo and Gony (Aanchal was going crazy at the mere sight...{hindsight} of Gony) The match was ok, I mean it was prety much a one sided affair. Had I know that the Punjab Mumbai match was going to go down to the last ball, I'd have never let them force me into the Mum-Chen match! And yeah to top it all, Irfan was fielding near the West stand, so all the oppurtunnity I had in life to see him LIVE went down the Arabian sea! My heart still cries silenty at night thinking of having missed to see Irfan, who'd have been so clear otherwise! So am just being hopeful that I get to see him again!God please....!!
The atmosphere was so electrifying right from the minute we enteredd in... the beating of the drums, the flurrying of the Mumbai Indians flag(yeah I know I thought I'd never support them, but one evening is ok na!!) It was so magical..... it makes me want to marry a cricketer!! Irfan, are you listening?!!?

But the worst part about watching matches in a stadium is ofcourse the stink from people's sweat but the biggest problem is the seat! Damn they hurt! Especially to people who have a non existent ass! Guess people at Wankhede havent heard about "cushioned" seats! One more irritating thing was the presence of just one gate(I think there was just one, looking at the crowd that was gathered near the gate!) for exit.... it so seemed like Jallianwala Bagh.... Thank God there was no Gen.Dyer!

All in all it was a fun filled evening, I danced, sang "ala re", cheered Sachin for the first time in my life, shouted in Aanchal's ears when Chennai started losing, passed comments on the players, did everything and it was fun even though it wasn't a Punjab match,..... Loved it!! What we did after the match at Hetvi's place is well...hmm.... you should better ask the poor poeple whom we called at 5.30 in the morning to find out if they had heard of Kalamati, the chudail who snatches and drinks milk from your dudhwala, making you pay the milk bills later on! Sorry Abhishek, Jay, Ankita and Ankit... it was really sweet of you to pick the phone atleast at that unearthly hour!

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Aanchal Bhugra said...

my dearest lovie...i love ure blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!