May 23, 2008

God's worst creation!

I hadn't seen them for quite some time... but after an awesome lunch cooked by Hetvi's mum, I saw it....!! Initially I thought that my habitual afternoon siesta was coming a bit sooner and I'm hallucinating, for it can't be there, by the wash basin where I was washing my hands, with Aanchal and Hetvi in the line!! Then I regained my senses and SHRIEKED my lungs out( the shriek was quite sophisticated in terms of decibels as compared to the one when Aanch snatched and gulped down my chocolate!) Yes my worst fears came true and it was a COCKROACH.... the brown, filthy, macabre, hideous creature was there lurking behind the soap dish!

I ran out of the room and threatened my friends to run out of the house if the tried to catch IT with its antennae and throw IT on me! Thankfully they didn't but what they did was more horrible...after convincing me that IT had been thrown out, I entered the bathroom to wash my hands, I found out he was still there! See this is why I wrote in my earlier post that i should reconsider my friendship with my friends! Quite a pervert cockroach, I must say for he was found in a girl's bathroom... (that's why I used "HE"!!)

Enough of the horrid anecdote, actually my life is full of my encounters with of them being- 7 of THEM, flying to top it all, entered my house, that too when I was alone, lovely my friends said when I freaked out looking at one!Yeah you might be guessing how I combated those 7, well, I just took the house keys and ran off to my aunt's place! My family still laughs at this!

Well, to be honest I really don't know why I abhor them, its just that see are so yuck! Yuck enough that I can wake my mom from a deep slumber at 2 in the night just to throw off ONE from the living room. Yuck enough that I rot myself in botany for a year just to escape its dissection in Zoology...even the admission fellow looked at me in surprise as he said people normally fight to get Zoology and there I was asking for NO ZOOLOGY! I've heard they've got one of the slowest metabloisms... this explains the resistance to evolution and the capacity to even survive a nuclear explosion! Trust me I don't want to do a Will Smith a la I Am Legend... not with millions of cockroaches on the loose!! I'd rather face the zombies! ( One more reason not to continue research in Biotech! HEHE!!)

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