August 28, 2008

Untitled 3

Looking at the number of Untitled posts, I think I can actually write an entire 'Untitled' book!! And guess what would the name of the book be?? 'Untitled' of course!!! Ok... Now that I've come back to cracking stupid jokes, I know I'm in the mood to write and my writer's block is finally over!! Blogging feels so nice. Writing always feels nice. It's kinda therapeutic. The other day someone asked me "How do you blog so regularly, I can't" and I said... "To me it's kinda addictive".... It really is!! And now my friends introduce me to other people as "She's Nupur..... she blogs...!!!" *I'm smiling*

Somedays back, a friend of mine asked me a question while we were talking in the private lab of ours (It's not private... but we hang out over there while our practicals are going on in the adjoining now it's my gang's lab!)"when I mentioned that I love one of the titles of my blogs 'Violions, Saxophones and Tears'.... she asked me "What is love... what exactly does one feel when in lovel" . She's never been in love. It's been 3 weeks since she asked me the question and 3 years of me being hopelessly in love and yet today I'm without an answer. Seriously wondering what love exactly is? Keeping or giving.... what is it? Giving, I say. For me, it is.... giving.

I know CAT is just near my doorstep but I continue watching TV and then advicing people what to watch and what not to watch. Please check out MTV Tickr... it's really funny. Especially because RGV and Himmesh are its all time bakras! Today's Tickr read: Himmesh doesn't wear his cap these days and leaves his hair open to cover his face. His friends are relieved becuase it would be ok for them to not recognise him now!! And BTW, please check out the HARI UUUMMMMM video...... it's funny!!
There's also a song called TANDOORI NIGHTS!!!!! Wow!!! I'll be tandoori Nupur if I see this crap! IF!

Coming to music videos, I never realised that the 'mit jaaye' video from Kidnap was shot with Imran Khan in a bathtub!! I was too looking at Imran to notice anything else!! One of my friends is getting free premiere passes for Kidnap. If you read a 'Dost dost na raha' post some days later, kindly assume that this friend of mine didn't give me the pass and went alone. I mean come on yaar.... You fell in love with Imran because of my constant I'm-in-love-with-Imran-Khan talks re!! Please take me with you!!

I'm sure all of you've seen Vijender.... the CUTE boxer who won an Olympic Bronze..... I just mentioned him because I find him cute!

I'm thinking of changing my career once again and doing Computer Engineering. I recovered my laptop which crashed due to some stupid virus from the throes of a hard disk crashing! Even the guy who came to repair it said the hard disk's gone.... but I got my lappy back... put in 3 days of non stop effort and finally did it... yay!! I have one more profession to fall back on.

Before ending the post, people please think about the other habitants of this planet and do your bit for them. There's this group who's working for the closing down of slaughter houses and showing some bit of humanity to animals. It's not our planet for us to kill other weaker sections of the planet only because the are not useful to us anymore. We're not God. Time we realise it. Please sign up the petition at Every signature would make a difference. Please sign up. Won't take more than 2 min. Please do it.


Faiyaz said...

U r obsessed vth 'kidnap' n imran khan ! lol !

Nupur said...

@Faiyaz: Yeah i am!!

Monty said...

Definitely blogging is addictive. One wudnt learn more abt self had s/he doesnt blog. Wen i blog, i generally look at myself from outside as if m my own best friend. Few of my blogs spk abt ths topic.

currently keep ur eyes on big boss to catch the romance of two controvesial characters(rahul mahajan & monica bedi). Next look out 4 bakwas band kar on 9xM.
regarding love no coments

good writing. Keep it up.

Nupur said...

@Abhishek: Tried watching big boss.... couldn't watch it for more than 10 minutes!! Thanks for compliments.

Monty said...

okay...never mind...

i was never serious abt big boss :D

just dat when i posted the comment some absurd news channel was making it big time news of the millenium regarding left it on ur comment section.