August 10, 2008

Violins, Saxophones and .....Tears

Why does there have to be sadness after happiness?? Why does there have to be a hangover after a high? Why does the light after a dark tunnel has to be one of an oncoming train? Why does every second post of mine have to be alternating in terms of happiness and sadness?!!? Why does one have to lose old relations to make certain new ones?? Why are tears inevitable after the mellifluous love music of violins and saxophones??

Please, don't press the panic button.... I've not hit another rock bottom on the emotionometer... I've just been introspecting and was kind of startled by the rhetoric questions 'myself' threw up before me...! It's the veracity of these questions that had me thinking. Everything in life has a pattern... everything follows a cycle..... day follows night... night follows day... summer follows winter.... tears follow smiles.... smiles follow tears.... yin follows yang and yang folllows yin...(okay, I agree, that was another type of 'following'!!)

I really don't know why people around me feel that the reason for my new makeover(new clothes, haircut and all) and for my new found happiness is LOVE... I'm not in love, people!!! Not as yet!! But if you continue singing 'Kissa tera, teri dastaan, chehraa tera khud kare baiyaan, kisise pyaar tujhe ho gaya... Haan tu maan ja..." I may want to fall in love!! But, I'M NOT IN LOVE!!!

Now love reminds me of violins and saxophones. Haven't seen Main Hoon Na... if that's what you are wondering. I know I'm sounding straight out of a Bollywood flick, but I do feel that in the initial few days when one falls in love, you actually see and hear violins and saxophones being played around you. I'm not kidding!! I've not exactly experinced it, but there is a different high that you feel, there's a different glow, there's a different laugh, a different reason to silently smile, a different reason to open the flap of your phone and stare at one particular name, a different reason to do things differently. I know it sounds cliched, but, love does make you blind. If not blind, but definitely oblivious to your surroundings. Count the number of times you give something your Mom asked you for to your Dad. My parents have lost count!!

Whatever comes around goes around. Whatever has made you smile, will be the only thing that would make you cry.... and with double the intensity. Violins and saxophones have to be replaced with Himmesh Reshammiya's 'Tanhaiiyaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn" with the nasal sound effects as well. But why? Can't a pure and selfless feeling like love be just left the way it is.... happy and sanguine? Why does the pristine love ballad written with so many memories and heartlfelt emotions be erased with tears?

Guess, that's life and it's patterns. Love has it's highs and it's lows..... and you know what, to me both are beautiful..... There's a different charm of both the aspects of this feeling..... At least there's some lucky person in this world for whom there are tears being shed. Seriously lucky.

Oh God... I just re read what I've written and I realised that yet again, I've written stuff that makes no sense... !! I just loved the title 'Violins, Saxophones and Tears' and wanted to build up something around it... !! So just typed away nonsense!! And yeah, please, I'm not in love.... not again..!!! Don't have the heart for it anymore!! Nor the guts and patience, and besides my lacrimal glands are facing a serious draught situation!! So, my friends, please save the song for sometime later. Maybe my would-happen-would-not-happen wedding!!!! But please don't start mentioning names you've previously sung this song for...!


Monty said...

Hello Nupur,

I was going through your blogs and i was impressed with every post of yours, specially the ones that are related to your relationship. I learnt about your story as well and ur plans to publish it. I wanted to be a publisher some day with my book probably but i m nt sure if i can go ahead with it with my time constraints to complete it. But after looking at your posts it seems that your book can make it to the stands very soon.

I dont have frequent access to orkut. So may be i wont be in touch. But u can surely go ahead and keep in touch with my official id there in my profile.

I hope u see u there.

But this response came only after going through all your posts.

Thanks and Regards
Abhisek Mohanty

Monty said...

Wel forgot 2 tell u dat i wud like 2 c ur script and then may be i can start with ur book as my first publication.

aanchal said...

Whatever comes around goes around. Whatever has made you smile, will be the only thing that would make you cry.... IT is BEAUTY PERSONIFIED!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: Thank You.... who better than you would understand??