August 16, 2008


I'm not drunk as yet but I'm seriously out of my creative grey cells to name this post.

Guess what.... I opened the morning papers to check out Bachna Ae Haseeno's review and the first thing I read there was that the story is written by none other than UDAY CHOPRA.... I've jettisoned all plans to see this film.... I really don't care if Ranboo is looking as hot as the sun's core. I can just stare at his pic in Lucky's magazine (I'll cut Deepika out of the pic and then stare at him!) I mean what's with Aditya Chopra... I really can't fathom.. the guy who gave us DDLJ.... is dishing out Neal n Nikki, Tashan, TPTM, and the likes.... and he has the guts to have Uday Chopra as a writer!! Gosh! He really loves his brother!!

Some respite offered by the papers was a quote by Akhil Kumar (who?? Go dump yourself in the Pacific Ocean) which read : Dreams aren't those you get while sleeping, Dreams are the ones that don't let you sleep. WOW. Even if this guy doesn't get a second gold for India, to me, he's already a winner. You can see the fire in his belly in this quote!! All the best! Go, make India proud.

Another good thing that came around today was a bit of snippet I read in TOI: 2 news channels are served with notices for encouraging superstitions..... Finally the courts woke up!!

Now, after Jab We Met and Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, Rock On is one movie I'm feeling positive about. The aforementioned movies, were going to be good, said my gut feeling, which was proved right. I have the same feeling for Rock On. The music's great, the star cast is great, and I'm sure the story must be great too.... I really wanna watch the movie with my college friends just to celebrate the last few months together....because that's what I think the movie is about... the each-going-their-way of friends.

Now, this is highly unfair. CAT is on 16th Nov and Dostana is releasing on 14th!! No, my Sarkar crush on Abhishek hasn't been revived.... It's John.... just caught a pic of Dostana in BT some days back and I was left drooling over this guy for almost 5 minutes!! He's looking so cute!!! But then again, all cute guys are either committed or gay!! He's committed in real life and gay in reel!! Kidnap, another movie with IMRAN 'I-love-him' KHAN has it's promos all over the TV..... And it'll be releasing before 16th I'm sure.... Great.... A perfect recipe for making my CAT a disaster! Just check out his tattoo and tanned look.... Ah! He's so cute... I don't know how he'll pull off a baddie's role, but I wish him luck.... May the Force be with you! Wish he kidnapped me!! Trust me, I'd beg my folks not to pay the ransom!

Hmm... what else was I thinking of writing.... Ah! yes! Hetvi's party.... Had a blast at the party and was blasted after the party. Never mind that!! See, Hetu, I promised I'd dance for you, and I did.... and trust me I enjoyed dancing. I'll dance at your wedding.... and I promise it won't be my 'penguin dance'!! But you'll have to ensure that I have a very cute dancing partner.... I won't blow up my chances this time!!

Finally the Blogger's Blogged it!! People, please stop thinking that I'll blog every second of our lives and stop saying "Blog it you Blogger"!! Kinda creepy!


nishant said...

Not sure but a guy's status message on my gtalk told me that the Dreams comment was by APJ Abdul Kalam and the newspaper made a mistake.

And you don't need to study so much for CAT. I mean as far as I understand your spending some hours watching movies would in no way effect the outcome of the exam.

Nupur said...

@Nishant: No idea abt APJ Kalam's comment.... TOI qouted Akhil Kumar.

aritra said...

Akhil kumar did say that in an interview, though the original source maybe dr.kalam or anyone else ..

Surya, the Ayrus! said... thats a hilarious post.. especially the kidnapping part....:) hehe... rotfl..btw, kabhi humare bhi posts padh liya karo madam:)

Nupur said...

@Surya: I do read them!!

Nupur said...

@Aritra: Really no idea about the origin of the qoute.... Shakespeare said: What's in a name, I say:What's in a quote?!?

Anonymous said...


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A said...

You write well. :-) Theres an honesty in your writing. You also write a lot :-)) but you had the disclaimer right up front so that was fair warning. Good Luck for the CAT - I passed CAT and then from Joka - many years ago - Its a great place and most people love it. Have fun.

Nupur said...

@A: Thank You. I really need blessings for CAT!!

Nupur said...
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Faiyaz said...

you maintain that tempo and intensity.....i really liked it.....vl definitely influence a rookie blogger like me ! take a look at my new blog if u find time !

Nupur said...

@Faiyaz: thanks for droppin by