September 6, 2008

The Holy Grail of Happiness!

For a good part of last year, I thought that like Physics, in life too, happiness can't be created. It can be destroyed, though..... !!! And yeah it definitely passes on from one person to another. But, this year, I've realised that happiness can be created. And it should be created. For your own sake. Happiness, is all inside your head... You decide you want to be happy, then you will be, no matter what. But if you want too say sad and melancholic, then even Imran Khan singing Kabhi Kabhi ----- (Your name) won't make you smile. Now, I gave this egregious example only to teach you how to stay happy when the world around you is cracking stupid jokes!

Coming back to Happiness, I think I've figured out its Holy Grail. Now that's only until I'm hit by another bout of sadness!! ohk... so the secret of staying happy is
1) Fight against everything that makes you sad and make a conscious decision to stay happy. Trust me, it works. It is, for me, since the past few months.
2) Chuck the fucking world and just do what you want to do (According to Sri Sri Sri Rao Baba ....My wisdom imparter of late!) Now this is one thing that I've been doing which has knocked out the daylights out of people around me! I mean it's my life and why should I care what others' opinion about it is? I should, and for that matter everyone should lead their lives according to their wishes and whims. If it shocks people, who cares?

One more philosophy I'm being subjected these days to, of course by my friend Sri Sri Sri Rao Baba, is that "Learn from the past, Aim for the Future, But LIVE in the present". That's what I've been doing. I have CAT in like 2 months, and my graduation in another 6. And yet today, I'm here blogging, and spending more time doing top level TP than spending them amongst books. The amount I study in a week is what I used to study in half a day back in 10th and 12th. I know, if Aanchal is reading this, I won't be alive and all you folks will be spared of reading further posts from me.

About living life on your terms and living for the present.... who's seen tomorrow.... certainty about tomorrow is so uncertain... then why waste your today for tomorrow and then if there's no tomorrow, rue over it? My college will be getting over soon.... 2 more months max... and everyone will be separated. I'm sure everyone is feeling it, but no one is talking about it. And me being the Blogging Blogger, I've Blogged it! It's like so less time, so much to do. Study. Laugh. Eat. Go to Bandra. Gossip. Bitch. Feel depressed looking at even jerks having boyfriends and we being single!.Write Zay Pee's pronunciations. Video shoot in the name of Campus Junkie. So much to do and no time. I wish I had met all my college freinds in FY itslef... all this would have been done to death by now. But, there's still 2 months, and I will enjoy them with my friends no matter what.

4 people have told me in the past few days that I've changed. I have. I know, for I can feel the change in me. And the best thing is that I'm happy. 3 of the 4 people know me okayish. 1 person knows me in and out. One thing they all fail to understand is that everyone has to change.... nothing in life is permanent. You have to be able to deal with all the changes life throws up at you. And, I'm just trying to prepare myself to absorb all the shocks that will come in the next 6 months. People are gonna change. People are gonna go. Most of my friends have become "couples"... so they don't have time for other friends. They left. And that's after making me promise that I will never leave them, come what may. Some just became distant and left. Some stabbed me in the back and left. Some just never came back to resolve misunderstandings. Everyone goes. Even today, there has come this creepy silence and a widening distance between a friend and me. It pains to see it.... more so because we don't know what the issue is. I've cried thinking of it and I just want to clarify that the only reason I never justified myself was because I didn't want to belittle my friendship by having to justify myself to a person who once read my silence perfectly, who was the only one who felt my VOID by just looking at me look out of the window.... I know, you are hurt to read it here. I'm sorry for that. I have become too dependent on people to take decisions for me. To the extent that I can't take my own decisions now. And I've changed to change this. Nothing else. It's my first independent decision in a year!

And I'm so glad I'm back to my spiritual self after a sabbatical of a year!!! Spirituality gives you an inner peace and happiness that can't be described.... it's just to be felt. The past week of Pajushan felt like catharsis! I've decided to give up eating onions and potatoes again, and I hope I can maintain it and resist everything, even Aanchal's Chole!!! God give me strength!!Believe it or not, the time when I had given it up, back in 12th ke vacations, I used to feel the same inner peace and happiness. That's the reason for the hermitgiri!


descrying the shadows said...

"I should, and for that matter everyone should lead their lives according to their wishes and whims. If it shocks people, who cares?"
You know, I believe firmly, infact i can state tat individuality and respect for an individual are my life's principles.. so when a stmt. such as the one mentioned above is made i tend to agree with it by default, but as is with every law there are limits,boundaries and then exceptions within those boundaries and limits... For me the boundary of my actions is them being humane .. and exception to who cares?? is I do care what my closest friends or family think about me... Cause my life is not worth it if I don't...
Liked your post ... the thing about fighting against everything that makes one sad ... guess I need to try it .. :)
brolling you

Nupur said...

@ Shadows: Ofcourse... living life by yyour terms should be within limits and boundaries....... and what family and close friends think is IT! bse in a way if they really love you, they'll understand!