September 17, 2008

When You're Happy and You Know Clap Your Hands....

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap........ I can go on clapping till the end of this millennium. Reason? Simple....'s temporary working site has come up. A few of my articles are there. It's not the first time I'm on a website... I've been blogging since March, so I'm technically present on the WWW, but this CJ thing gives me a different high. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that ...yes...there's something that I love doing and can do well! And the biggest thing is that I don't get bored doing it, which normally is the case whenever I start and do something for sometime. Been writing since the past 5 years, and truly loving it!! My name is finally immortalized in the pages of cyber space!! I'll post the actual CJ link when the actual website is launched. Please read, comment and rate my articles! Even Manalee's article has come there, so more claps!

Another reason to go clap clap is that I've realised that old romances die hard. It's an age old aphorism, but I've always been a slow learner! Yeah, I just caught the new Hero Honda ad... yeah the same one which is just 5 seconds shorter than Jodhaa Akbar in length. And it also has Akbar! And guess who's also there.... my old crush... IRFAN PATHAN.... yay!! Seen him after ages.... must've been at least half a light year since seen him last in IPL. My heart skips a beat even today when he lights up the screen. And he's gonna be dancing too! There's this new show on Colors ... Ek Khiladi, Ek Hasina... and Irfi baby is one of the participants in the show. In this show, one cricketer is paired with one actress. They dance and hopefully not fall in love with each other, are judged, do not play cricket and let the Aussies make a kachumbar out of them yet again, and well entertain us. Me, to be precise!

The show is judged by one of my favourites.... (I really have to make a list of people, guys actually, whom I've not liked.... ), Wasim Akram! So one more reason to watch this show. Sreesanth is also there, so no prizes for guessing who's gonna win this one. It'll be the first time in the history of reality TV that Nupur will be voting!!! Yeah.... I'm gonna vote for Irfan and you guys also do, please! Somehow, I feel that Irfan is as good as I am in dancing, so he'll need your votes... please vote for Irfan. Cheer for Irfi.... Give me an I....give me an R... Give me an F.... Give me an A... annnnnnnnnnnddddd give me an N!!! At this rate, I can definitely apply for cheerleader's post for next year's IPL. But then, who wants to see a cheerleader who dances the "Happy Feet" dance??!!

Vijender, the cute boxer, is in talks to participate in Nach Baliye 4... Clap.Clap.(Yuvi is there in EKEH..... no clap.No clap.). I'll watch it for him. Only his performance amongst all other losers. And no, I won't vote for him. My last name ain't Ambani or Mittal.

The papers are saying that Brett Lee is getting divorced. Not a reason to clap. I really like that chap and his wife. Sad thing to happen. So no claps. Thank God Imran Khan is not married. I'd be sad for his break up too........ Sachhi yaar! Not believing me? I don't blame you!

Aanchal took away one clapping moment from me! The other day, it was Neha's birthday, so I called her up to wish, and going by my compulsive talking habits, spoke for nearly 2 hours..... 58 minutes from my cell!!! Next day she's telling me that last day due to some technical glitches in Vodafone, the entire billing thing had shut down. I actually did a victory jig in the midst of JP's lecture, just looking at my lucky stars! But then she said, that the glitch was in the evening and not at midnight! Stupid Vodafone and stupider stars of mine and stupidest lecture I was left to bear!

I'm finally out of this love shit! It feels so nice. I feel like slapping who over comes up to me and says, "Don't worry, there's someone for you too". Bullshit. I don't want anyone! I'm happy alone.... happy single. At least I have time for friends staying like this. At least I don't have to make promises only to break them later on! So one more reason to clap.

The most important reason to clap... is that I've finally started studying izzat se! Yippee... Hope it wasn't just a one day thing!

I've been clapping incessantly since the past half hour, and have lost count of the mosquito genocide I committed, so I'll go and follow some ahimsa in life now! It's raining like dogs and cats and RATS (IK in JTYJN!!.... Wish it rained IK!!) so just hoping I'd be relieved of tomorrow's 7 o clock practicals. Please God...!


descrying the shadows said...

congo .. :)

Nupur said...

@Shadows: Thanks.

Prasanna said...

I was looking for such kind of a post.

Cricketers dancing to Bollywood tunes, seems like a herd of wild cats trying to ape Otters. They will catch no fish rather they will be laughing stuffs on the stage.

In past Sandeep Patil, Salil Ankola, Mohsin Khan(Actress reena Roy's divorced husband) had also tried their luck in Bollywood but failed miserably.

I may sound a little weird, but frankly speaking these shows are just the entry points for them(they might be thinking).

It's shame that these people are taking on too much things that they can handle. In one way they are failing in their profession and in another they claim to be no. 1 in World Cricket.

No other active sports persons in world try to deviate from practice and concentrate on foolish things.

Nupur said...

@Prasanna: Yeah, in a way. But it'll be fun... some of them might dance well..

aanchal said...

i love this post of ures!!!!

Nupur said...

@Aanch: thanks!