September 11, 2008

It's Jaane Tu again

For people who are sick of my Jaane Tu posts, please blame Ankit, for this post. He was the one who gave me the movie Jaane Tu on my pen drive, which,needless to say, I saw for the second time. Yes. I've seen Jaane Tu only two times. I'm in love with the movie all over again. I know, I saw Rock On!! just two days back, and I have CAT in 2 months, which again needless to say is doomed!

I've promised myself that from today, I'll not watch any movies and will blog less. I can see so many people heaving a sigh of relief at the latter part of my statement! May the Force be with me.

I can't help but talk about Jaane Tu... It's so cute!! Even though my Dad feels that Aamir bluffed the audience by serving an old product packaged attractively! But who cares when the packaging is soooooo cute! Just check out the way his shirt flutters when he's on the horse. I can remember Mansh horrified at the sight of me, who normally is a very quiet movie watcher, jumping and clapping during the horse wala scene! And what a way to propose man!! Wow!! Singing and proposing always works!! Wink wink!!

I never knew that all "Bombay" things were changed to "Mumbai". I mean I knew those fanatics were wanting to do it, but had no idea people gave in! Bombay Blue has become Mumbai Blue.... !! Gosh! It has lost it's charm! Now that we are at Bombay Blue, Í'd like to mention that I finally had Nachos in my life, and surprise suprise, I liked it... I mean it was good!! And had pasta for lunch and dinner..... and I'm still alive, so this proves that cheese and pasta do not kill!! Finally my hatred for cheese is reducing! This is India TV's headline for tomorrow!! This also reminds me of the way Aanchal started laughing when she read that 16th Oct is World Food Day. Meaning that on my birthday is a day that I would not celebrate. Food. Haha! I mean this is the irony of the decade man!

India TV reminds me that how I've stopped believing them. Even when they show actual news! They were showing this thing about the Big Bang experiment and how everything could get destroyed and stuff. I saw it and chucked the matter thinking it's another piece of shit until I heard almost everyone discussing it the next day. For a minute I thought that everyboydy's gone mad to discuss India TV at 7 in the morning, but later I realised that it's an actual REAL thing!! See, this is what happens when they cry WOLF..... Apocalypso, actually!

I'll wind up this post before I start talking about Imran again. But still, Tera mujhse hain pehle ka naata koi, yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi..... JAANE TU..... YA JAANE NA..... maane tu, ya maane na!!


jayanta deka said...

good movie and a very good attempt to write about that...
hope lots more to come...

do visit mine blog also..!

njoy life...!

Nupur said...

@Jayanta: I've written lots about Jaane tu... so much so that Aamir has started thinkin tht im the unofficial brnad ambassador of the movie!!