September 9, 2008

Rock On

I finally saw Rock On!! and it's a fantastic movie...!! I won't write a review on it because, by now, everybody's seen the movie. A Tuesday, and we tried going for the week's most popular movie...! We got tickets on the first row!! FIRST ROW! It was the first time I was watching a movie from the first row. We could have come on another day, but we were too impatient to wait any further. But, there were two positives out of this move... first being that we got to see a rock show from the front row and Hetvi could droooool over Arjun Rampal from close quarters and second being that I got to see Kidnap promo that is Imran Khan from the front row!! I guess it was 100 bucks well spent!

Farhan Akhtar's acting and voice are gonna keep me in love with him for atleast a week! Tum Ho Toh is a gem! Farhan's home in the movie is a ruby if Tum Ho Toh is a diamond... er... sorry for the poor comparison... but in short, his home was AWESOME. The day when I've earnt enough, I'll have a place like that. IF...!!! If not, I'll simply marry an investment banker. If he can play the guitar, all the better.... my song list will finally be sung to me!!! yipee!! But there was this one line which touched me the most. It was when KD says: Jab log 20-22 ke hote hain, unko lagta hain duniya unke ishaaro pe nachegi, par....!!!

I don't think the movie was even a bit like Dil Chahta Hain... it definitely was about friendship... it was about living your dream and that it's never too late to pursue your dream and if you get a chance, grab it, there might not be a tomorrow. And today, I feel so happy that atleast after 20 years I've found something that I love doing and feel like pursuing it. Writing. Thanks to AJ, whose blog inspired me to start blogging and Manalee, who pushed me further, I wouldn't have found my true calling. Thank You.

True to myself, I started thinking about the movie and it's parallels in my life. Why does it have to happen that once best friends have problems between them which lead to a point where it becomes difficult to even hug each other after years? Why is that chasm? Why does it become easier to write about it on a blog than talk it out to the person concerned? That's life I presume! Phew! Life and it's games!!

All in all, Rock On was a wonderful experience.... something I can watch over and over again. Go watch it if you still haven't.


descrying the shadows said...

u knw i have a very very small group of friends
all bloody opinionated,straightforward.. and individualistic
and we have been friends for eons now
and i hear many ppl say this tht as time passes ppl loose best friends
guess am lucky i havent

manalee said...

i m d happiest person on earth..u r gonna persue writing!!!!

Nupur said...

@shadows: u r very lucky indeed!!

Nupur said...

@manalee: me too!THNKS!