September 10, 2008

Pichle 180 Dino Mein.....

Joe ne glass toda, Debbie ne kaan maroda.... hum sab hase, mushkil main tum phase.... kyunki Joe ne band choda...!! No, I haven't gone mad, not yet! It's just the Rock On!! hang over.I'll be fine in a day or two, so don't worry! I looveee Farhan Akhtar! Pooja, I really don't care of you are contemplating murder at this announcement of mine. Sorry Darling, love knows no tera-mera!!

There were two announcements in class today one: Exams from 14 Oct. In short, my birthday is ruined and I'm not even talking about CAT, because it has no chance of any resurrection and I couldn't care less about my college exams. And two: College is getting over from 26 Sept. I mean COLLEGE IS GETTING OVER!!!!!! My college days, carefree, fully paid, no tension about life, responsiblity free days ARE OVER?!? I mean SHIT!!! Someone please hit the panic button for me please!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Ok, I'm a bit better now! The panic attack has alleviated. In the past 6 months, life has been awesome. Seen some wonderful times with friends. Fought the ugliest fights with them. Made the impossible-est of confessions (I'm still shocked how I did it!), enjoyed pracs, planned parties and surprises... all in this span of 180 days. It's this 180 days that's giving me the lump in my throat whenever I think about the college getting over.

180 days back
Get up. Go to station, wait like an ass for minutes for Manshi to come, take a rick (on days when we HAD money) or a bus (when we were broke, which was almost everyday) to Aanchal's place. Go there. Study for 1/10 of the time. Eat for 7/10. Talk for the other 2/10 of the time. It was bliss! Classes, Aanchal's Punjabi food, Hetvi's stories about her life, Aanchal and me exchanging the when-are-we-gonna-have-some-kinda-adventure-in-life look, teasing Aanchal, TIME, being a heroine in VA lectures and jhadoing all the vocab we knew, maintaining statistics of the number of times Aanchal "turned back",hoping everyday "HE" came to class, imaginary cheerharan during a boring quant class....... everything... I mean everything spelt BLISS!

90 days back.
Rains. College. Class Tests. Perfect reasons for one to pull up the blanket and continue dozing. I would have been too much of an optimist had I done that and thought that I'd get way with it. 100pc attendance is what my HOD wants! Wishful thinking, I know! The past 3 years at Mithibai... the first year with Aanchal and Hetvi and our "coffee book" which had all the bitching about the class, SY with the gang, planning Biotechnova, fighting, solving fights and making up summed up SY. TY with the same gang, eating like gluttons, not performing pracs and being a pain for the teachers, doing nonsense during lectures was TY.

But in the past three months, we've enjoyed college like no man's business. Bunking college tests and running away to Bandra. Finding new excuses every Saturday to go to Bandra. Going to Bandra from Infiniti Mall only to have icecream at Carter Road wala Amore, when there was one right there at Infiniti! Ankita's car and five other girls in one car, amazing weather and Bandra Bandstand, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra Fort, Carters....!! Going for pracs to college and somehow landing up for lunch at Renaissance.... we are broke yet we lunch at Renaissance! Unpredictable College Life, I say! Missing turns while going to Bandra and somehow reaching Danapani, going all the way to Malad from Powai when we wanted to come back to Parla, only because Aarey colony road is awesome. Life was so much fun. Missed you , Aanchal in each and every trip. Sacchi.

Today when I think that in another fortnight or so when college is going to get over.... I get jittery. It's a shock! It actually is. Never thought college getting over would be so shocking! Ankita already expressed her shock! Lucky is still in shock. Blogger had Blogged it! OMG! Just give us a month more. With no studies .... please... there's so much more to do..... Lonavla is still left man! Now that the Bandra trips are over, I feel how much I'm gonna miss it. Bandra will always tantamount to these 5 people and me in Ankita's Corolla. Now, it's already begun. Whenver I see, an off-white Corolla, all I think about is the six of us and Bandra!! It brings a wonderful smile to my face! Thank You everybody. Aanch, you know, in every trip I used to wish that you'd come, I really missed you. I just wanted you to have the same memories we were taking back.

Life, in the past quarter of the year has changed in more ways than these. I'm in a way a different person and a much stronger person today. I know, Radhika is fuming at the thought that I've changed once again!! Realising and finally letting go of things is something that I always said I wanted to do, and I've finally done it now. It's a simple principle in life which I never believed earlier, but now I do. You don't need someone for your happiness.... you don't need someone to make you happy and your happiness should not depend on someone else. It's my elixir from now. Just yesterday, one friend of mine gave my example to another friend who was going through the same thing I had gone through and was asking her to look at me and see that life is good even without the people you wanted to be a part of your life. I was happy not because someone was asked to look at me and learn, because of the pride in my friend's voice when she narrated this to me, the sense of accomplishment she felt when I finally came out of my own illusions and delusions. It just feels nice to have made someone proud!! Take a bow Radhika, Rao, Aanchal and Hetvi for all the effort you guys put in!

It was in this past 180 days that I began blogging, thanks to AJ. It was for the first time that someone, who until then was a stranger, put in confidence in me and pushed me to write further, made me believe that I had a writer in me. I wrote for Camous Junkie and am gonna be paid for it, finally something to go down in my blank resume. Manalee, I owe you one, babes! 1500 page hits already on my blog... I'm loving it!

I'm never gonna forget 2008.... it was a wonderful year spent with wonderful people.

People who've heard me sing, please close your ears if you're planning to start imagine me singing and for people who've not heard me, imagine Lata Mangeshkar-esque voice coming in your brain as I sing : Pichle 180 dino main, maine yeh sab hain paaya. Kabhi khud pe hasi main, kabhi khud pe royi!!!!

P.s: Hey, everyone named in the blog please take a minute out and write a comment!! please!!


Aanchal said...

xactly love knws no tera-mera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aanchal said...

yipidee im back in ure blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!n that too in a big way!!!!!!!!!!!

AAnchal said...

cheerharan was scho907 class

aaNCHAL said...

and heres sumthng...even if no one remembers me in times of happiness...i knw u r sumone who always will..i dnt really care abt the others...n far as the memories go..the time we've spent between the two of us...right frm F.Y till kidiing..forms 3 quaters of the best memories of my life..u knw u are my mind cleanser...thngs just come out automatically in frntA YOU...n the remaining one-fourth of the good times i re-lived thm narrating them to you...if i cant care more...i cudnt have cared less!!!!!!!luv u bachha!

aaNCHAL said...


Nupur said...

@Aanchal: Bloody!! You made my eyes moist!!!

Love doesnt know tera-mera..... we're happy sharing... aren't we??!!! Been doing that since years, haven't we!! Sorry hets, if u r reading!

Yeah, you're back with a bang!! The heroine of my blogs is back!!

U remember the class?!! God! And i thot no1 can beat my memory!! Leave him! Or else I'll forgt tht i kno u!

I'm humbled by ur fourth comment. Glad to be your human dictaphone!! Always will be happy for u babes!

I was so happy wen i saw 5 comments.... and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw all of them by you!

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

ahoy, i am not in your blogs still i comment:) a real real real...and ya real nice post ma'am. i miss college life suddenly.Adn very badly too:(

Nupur said...

@surya: That's really sweet of you to comment! Continue doing so please.... maybe someday you might feature in there!! thank you for the compliment... and im missing my college life too!!

ankita said...

Nupur my eyes are all filled with tears with a laughter on my face reading ur blog...all emotions r just mixxing up nw...happy to hv frds like u and smiling thinkng about d wonderful times we hv spnd together..n tears for d hard fact tht we will depart...we may depart in distance..but in heart and memories alwaz remain close!!
Shayad jyada philo jhad diya meine...but kya kare..dil bhar aaya tera blog padke..ek shayri arzz hai...
Royenge yeh aankhen muskurane ke baaad...
aayege raat dil dhal jane ke baad...
bhul mat jana humme ae dost..
shayad yeh zindagi itne haseen na rahe aapke jane ke baad!!!

luv u alllll!!

poo said... does know tera-mera!!like hell it does!!!
doesnt matter...i know tht farhan is mine & only mine(see...m nt a traitor like u...imran ko chodd ke farhan :P)
its ok nupli...u can love him as ur jiju...lolz
n i have rock on wid me..can watch it whenever i want :P...& even prnce caspian!!!!!william u too!!! :D

Nupur said...

@Poo: BTW Farhan iis just a passin crush.... my heart has found peace with Imran!

ankita said...

bhale aaj saath choota hai hamara,
par ye yaaden humain kabhi na chodengi;

hum ho jaayen door ek doosre se shayad,
ye yaaden hi to hume ek doosre se joodengi;

muskura kar bitaye jo chaar din,
yahi zindagi bhar aankho main aansu laayenge;

hum yahi sochenge hoton pe hansi laake;
kya wo din phir se kabhi waapas aayenge...

Just read it somewhere n thot its apt to be here...

Nupur said...

@Ankita: cool man.... tu full on shayar ban gayi hain!!

ankita said...

Mei shayar toh nahiii...magar ae haseen...ahahhaha...i better not sing ahead!!!
dint write tis one on my it smewhere n really liked it!!

Nupur said...

@Ankita: mujhe pata hain tune nahi likha.... tune likha hota toh jp ke lecture ke baad padha hota!!! lol!