September 8, 2008

Untitled 5

It's 10... and there's no chance I'm gonna get the remote, so it's better to come here, plant myself before my laptop, check if anyone's alive on Orkut or MSN and then detour here on, to do what makes me happy.... blog!!! Yes.... I've become a compulsive blogger.... at least that's what I think! Blogging is addictive! From being a compulsive talker to a compulsive blogger!! Damn!! It didn't have to happen now! Not when I have a zillion exams lined up! I kinda calculated and I've realised that since April, I've been giving an exam every Sunday(and go deeper down in shit every time I look at the results!) and will continue to do so until May! Gosh!!

I'm finally going for for Rock On!! tomorrow... Finally! That's come at a price though.... my mom made me sign a paper saying that this is the last movie I'll see!! See, this is how 20 year olds are treated even today!! One thing that is common amongst all parents, I think is the line, "Jab hum tumhare umar ke the tab.... " Yeah I saw it on DKD and have been musing over it since then! But my kids will be lucky... coz I'm 20, and I've done NOTHING in life as yet (if watching TV, talking on the phone, blogging/MSNing/Orkuting, solving people's issues in life and getting messed up in it aren't counted)..... so they won't be subjected to this age old melodrama from me!

Tum Ho Toh is my latest crush. I've watched Mit Jaaye sooo many times on TV that I've already gotten bored by the song that I change it when it plays on my iPod (My sister has been frustrated to the limit watching this song with me that she can actually now rather request Imran to ask me out than watch/hear it again!) . I know, you can't believe your eyes, but it's true... I'm bored of it. But I still love Imran! I've just realised that in life, I've had these 5 year periods during which I've been mad about people. From 5th to 10th, it was SRK, from 10th to 15th it was Irfan Pathan. And now from 15th to..... it's Imran!! Yeah, you read it right again, I don't love Irfan anymore. Only one at a time! And besides, so goes a popular saying which I've incorporated in my life and have been happy since then, it goes like Out of sight.... Out of Love....!!

Coming back to Tum Ho Toh, I just love it! So now my guy (whenever he sheds his laziness, gets off his royal ass and realises someone's been waiting!!) has to sing this song on a guitar to me. Truly, Madly, Deeply and Tum Se Hi have been chucked out! He can sing these on our various anniversaries!!! My friends, they say, if I keep on adding songs to my "Want these to be sung for me" list, my guy would gift me another iPod and leave! Any which ways, one of my pals says that looking at the amount of qualities I'm looking in for a guy, I need to give an ad in today to get a guy after 6 years!!

Whoever invented the scientific calci is a fool. Certified fool. I mean you write off on top of one button but you need to press another button along with this button which is very gauchely titled OFF to switch the damned thing off! For exactly 1.2344 minutes I was trying to figure out how to switch my sis' calci off, but due to the lack of patience in me, I had to call her up and ask. I could hear all her engineering friends laugh at me through the phone. One of the friends even commented that I could recover my laptop all by myself even when everyone else failed including the comp guy and my comp engineer sis, but I couldn't switch off a calci!! But hey, listen, it's not my fault. Name things properly man!

One thing I simply can't resist talking on my blogs is movies and TV... so here's a small snippet.... here's the reason for the recurrent earthquakes in China .... Salman had been shooting for "Bang Bang" song for the film Hello. Watch it. Sunny Deol finally has competition. God bless earth and it's buildings.


descrying the shadows said...

Nice read ... and yeah poor 20 year olds .. though i would confine that to 21 22 max after that i guess we become free .. well atleast at almost completion of 22 now I have enjoyed one year of total freedom .. :D

Nupur said...

@Shadows: Lucky you!! Am waiting for freedom to strike!

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

nice nice piece:)thanda thanda cool cool:)