July 3, 2008

In love with this song!

For the people who know me or who have read my blogs know one thing for sure, that if I happen to like something, rather like someone, I actually like that some thing/one for quite some time(until another some thing/one comes along!!) This has been the case with SRK, when I was in school, Irfan Pathan(I still love him!), Ranbir Kapoor(I really liked Saanwariya....my type of a story hehe!) and now its Imran Khan's turn! Every time I mention his name, my friends mistake him for the yesteryear cricketer Imran Khan and think that I've actually lost it to have fallen for a 50 year old guy!

I'm totally nuts for his debut movie, for some unexplained reason. I'm ready to bunk my pracs or even go for it alone..... yes my friends are trying to drop subtle hints that they aren't coming for the movie with me! Guess I'll have to wait for Akshata to come from Pune next week or muster up the courage to go alone.... actually I think I should go alone... a lesson for all the 137 people who don't have 3 hours for me. Huh! I'll leave ranting for now.

Yeah so like that title of this post suggests that I'm in love with a song.... and it doesn't need one to be an Einstein to figure out that its one of Jaane Tu's song... it is Kahin Toh Hogi Ho..... one thing that should justify my likeness for it should be the name of the composer- A.R "God" Rahman.... what a soulful song.... what heart touching lyrics... what a cute guy in the song! All these reasons cumulatively make me forget the fact that it sounds too close to "Nothing's gonna change my love for you". One of the line in this song is like
"Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse
Inti kafa nahi"
WOW..... If this is not brilliance, I guess what is! Amazing!
The movie is releasing tomorrow..... let's see when I finally get to see the film and give you guys a detailed review (read tareefs of Imran Khan).

P.S: This PSing has become a new obsession with me of late!! Yeah, I found the face for Ayaan.... the main guy in "My Story"..... needless to say.... its Imran!! All you Einsteins...You guys should've been in 1921.... there would've been more people who got the Theory Of Relativity!! (I still don't get it.... my sis says my interpretation of the Theory would make Einstein dig his grave further!) And yeah Aanchal... you dare name your son(the 12th man in my son's cricket team!) Ayaan.... I've IPRed it for my son, the cricketer!

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