July 31, 2008

I'm back!

My last few posts were not exactly what I would blog about... they were the articles I'm planning to send to Campusjunkie, which is a college campus website. There've been so many things that I've wanted to write on... the bomb blasts, Ram Gopal Varma ki Phoonk.... so much to write on, so little time.... yeah, you guessed it ..... I've begun to start studying for CAT.... increased my study time from 5 nanoseconds to 5 seconds.

It's the last year of college.... the realization has just dawned upon me... last few months of a carefree, fully paid existence!! OMG...!! Feels just like yesterday when I stepped into Jr College and today it's the last year od Undergrad college and tomorrow its gonna be some B-school..... time flies faster than a cockroach of my lab!!

All the wonderful friends I've happened to make and have been lucky that they've tolerated me for 2 years and counting are all going to go their own separate ways... in just about 8 months... sounds creepy... All those days of indulging in gluttony, singing Suniel Shetty and Govinda songs in lectures with Aanch acting as www.lyrics.com .... She actually remembers the lyrics of a song called Sundara Sundara (Suniel Shetty and Raveena Tandon).... which had come and hit mankind back in 220 BC, the days wherein I played Asshole, a card game with Lakshmi, Sean and Ratan, until the watchman confiscated the cards thinking we were playing Strip Poker or something... well, that was the expression on his face! The days when I wrote my CJ articles in JP's lectures, the days, when we wondered if KD was teaching us stuff taught in Pluto, the days when we marvelled the amount of time taken by Ankita to fall asleep, the days when Ajay "Kaala Ramu" Kutty did all our work and jheloed all our slaps, the days when Mansh and I checked out all the possible cute guys in college(BMM and BMS guys to be exact).

The days of our Lab Chronicles.... where the teachers were exasperated with us to the limit that they were just one step from extirpating their hair from the follicles! The days, when we eat chikki and brownie in the lab, during a Micro experiment(For non Micro people... eating while doing a Micro experiment, according to out teachers is as serious a crime as is playing Holi with Uranium ore). That was not the only way we flirt with danger in the lab... (there are no guys, so we have only danger to flirt with...) by playing mini Holi with carcinogenic reagents and working without gloves on blood samples from hospitals..... we just haven't heard of HIV and TB being spread through blood.

If I want to, I can single handedly complete 'Chronicles of a fucked up life' , the book my friends and me were going to write about our college life in this post itself, but then that would be a serious setback to the sales of the book, whenever it gets done! I'd rather leak out some juicy snippets from the book, a few days prior to its release, just to pump up the sales.... yeah yeah.... the MBA in me is speaking!

But, I was actually wondering, that this time, next year everyone.... I mean EACH AND EVERYONE of us is going to be in tangentially opposite corners of the world, pursing the careers of their choice... it no longer would be about getting up at 6 and rushing to college... no longer about asking Mom every two days for 2oo bucks for xerox... no days when we would have practicals.... MAN! I'm really gonna miss these days...(No, don't offer me a tissue yet, am still not crying... maybe after a few more lines I will!!) Degree college will no longer be about AANCHAL and HETVI.........(offer me a tissue, dumbass!!).

No longer about the why-did-you-mention-the-topic looks Hetvi would give me... no longer about Aanch and her Punju habits... no longer about the paranthas.... more importantly.... chole and aanchar yaar!! No longer about the pride in your eyes, Aanch when I'd tell you.... I told him..!! No longer about you guys.... no longer about YOU TWO...

P.S: Manshi, I'll miss you too, darling.... !!
P.S 2: Just my way of saying sorry for today.... Aanch and Het.... will always love you man!

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aanchal said...

stop putting tears in my eyes will you?