July 21, 2008

Kismet Konnection

One more second day first show (bloody 7.55 am show!!) movie for me.... Kismet Konnection.... The only thing that is talkable in this movie is SHAHID KAPOOR...... Hetvi and Lucky will agree!! Vidya Balan can only act. She can't dress well..... even to save her life!! Gosh! What was she wearing at the engagement song?! Donnatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Jean Paul Gaultier....... all of them will have a simultaneous heart attack if they choose to see her in the song! EGREGIOUS is the word!

The story is pretty much ok.... they guy was an all rounder in school but luck didn't favour him after school ... so is pretty much a loser (like me!! hehe!!). Everything for him goes wrong.... right from his alarm not ringing, water supply giving way, car not starting, boss dying et cetera et cetera.... but then Lady Luck aka Vidya enters his life and everything falls in place! They met at an ATM.... Guess I should also wait for my Guy Luck outside an ATM centre!!! (I've defenestrated the standing-outta-jewellery store idea.... Jannat was way too well...hmm... Emraan Haashmiish!)

They scenes you might wanna check out would all feature Shahid either in black or white or pink.... this guy can actually look like a GUY in pink!!! Shahid dancing, Shahid smiling, Shahid thinking..... all these scenes are ones you should definitely check out.... check out the gol gol shots taken around Shahid in Bakhuda Tumhi Ho song.... this ong vasoolofies your paisa to the movie!! The Global Warming and lack of CSR gibberish in the end is a tad irritating (more so after you know this is not how the corporate world functions... CAT asar you know!!)

Overall, the movie was like okay.... Shahid being the only saving grace..!!


aritra said...

I went for the morning show first day thinking it to be something like jab we met ..

it was soo pathetic ! shahid was the only good thing in the movie apart from some good music 'arrangement' by pritam .

vidya is better off with parineeta and bhool bhulaiya , she is good but how can she manage to look like that day after day . i dont remember a single time when i liked her dressing sense .

plus she needs to loose weight . size zero might not be 'in' but so is size 42 !

college is not there and there is no proper movie to go to . u saw dark knight ?

anyway , was a bit bored so wrote all that came to mind.

take care .



Nupur said...

@Aritra: I totally echo your feelings!! No havent seen Dark Knight..!