July 29, 2008

An Interesting Conversation

Location: Inside the Louis Vuitton handbag of Girlie, a human Girl
Celly (a male, Girlie’s cell phone) was hitting Pody (Girlie’s iPod, male) with his elbows in order to get some room in the filled upto the limit handbag. Celly was the quintessential gentleman whereas posy was snobbish and an arrogant boy. Both of them hated each other as they were in love with the same girl…. Lippie… (Girlie’s lip gloss)
Celly: Move it, you fatty!
Pody: WTF?? You’re 3 cm fatter than I am!
Celly: Yeah, whatever at least I don’t have wires coming out of me!!
Pody: Blah blah blah…. Heard you went on a dinner date with Memo (Memory Card, male)?? Turning gay?
Celly: Shut up…. Had gone to him for advice...
Pody: Advice…. Hmm... Regarding??
Celly: It’s personal, if you don’t mind.
Pody: You bloody, stiff upper lipped moron… go rot in hell!
Combie: (Girlie’s comb, female) Hey you guys, stop abusing!! Show some decency, at least when around women… haven’t you seen we girls talking??
Pody: Girls…. Who???
Combie: Rude, you insensitive boy!
Pody: You’re not a girl…. You’re a woman, Aunt Combie!!! Haha!!
Combie: Aunt Combie!!! *fainting in the background*
Chewie: (Lippie’s best friend, Chewing Gum, female) *sobbing* Boys will be boys…. Insensitive jerks!!
Celly: *panicking looking at a crying girl* What’s the matter, Chewie??
Pody: Waah!! Chance pe dance!! Offering a shoulder to a crying girl and all huh??
Celly: Cut the crap, Pody! Chewie… what happened?
Chewie: Lippie…..
Celly & Pody: What happened to Lippie??
Chewie: She broke off with Peny…. He dumped her for her step sis, Lakmey…

Celly and Posy broke into a victory dance and started hugging and clapping and thanking their stars that Lippie was single again! But Chewie was disgusted by their behaviour and hence chided them and left*
Chewie: Boys will be boys…. Insensitive jerks!
Pody: Hey, Chewie… you’ve been saying the same line since the New Stone Age, please modify it now!!
Chewie: Gross!

Celly: Hey bro… you’re gonna get yourself a brand new sis-in-law!!
Pody: Wow! You marrying Aunt Combie…. That’s great… you guys can share your dentures with each other!! Call me for the wedding bro!!
Celly: Shut up, you jackass…. I'm marrying Lippie…
Pody: Stay away from her… she’s mine….
Celly: No …. She’s mine…

Pody got angry, he always had been a very short tempered guy and grabbed Celly’
collar and started punching him. Celly too did the same. Their fight intensified only when
the Bag Elders, Calci (Calculator) and Wally (Wallet) came in to pacify them

Calci: Ok, fine… I have one solution to end this fight… both of you shall get 2 minutes to say why Lippie should be with you and then we’ll judge and the one who’s worth her, will get her. Wally and I will personally talk to Mabby and Mac… Lippie’s parents.

Celly & Pody: Fair enough.

Pody: As I'm younger, I’ll start first. I really love Lippie … from the bottom of my chips… I promise, I’ll keep her very happy… her every wish shall be my command…I’ll serenade her by singing romantic love songs and will completely disown sad song from my playlists. We will watch movies together, only family movies….I promise. She can also see her pics with her friends on me…. I’ll really….
Calci: Time’s up…. Celly…
Celly: I fell in love with Lippie first… I truly love her… I’ll also sing songs for her…. Not only her... but also her entire family, as I have speakers too, not just earphones. She can click and view pics with her friends on me… She can also talk to Chewie or her family through me… something she can’t do with Pody… I end my case by saying that I love Lippie and will always do. Thank You.
Pody: I can punch people if they mess up with her…. Your gentlemangiri won’t let you do that!
Wally: Pody… One more word from you and you shall be disqualified
Calci: After listening to both of them, I’ve calculated that Celly wins….
Wally: I beg to differ… I think that Pody was better…..
Chewie: Why don’t we go to Aunt Mabby and Uncle Mac and ask them to pick one?
Wally: Good idea.

Mabby: Oh! I really like both of you… Pody and Celly…. But the issue is that Lippie has already found a guy for herself and we’ve given them our consent… and moreover, aren’t both of you going to shift tomorrow??
Celly: Shift??
Pody: Where??
Mac: To Cutie’s Bag (Girlie’s Sis)
Wally: Why??
Mac: Because, iPhoney is coming here tomorrow… he’s Lippie’s new boyfriend….He’s got the bet of features from both Celly and Pody…. So we said yes… he’ll love Lippie as much as both of you do together… Sorry boys… but don’t you worry… there’s someone made for you too….!!!


Rahul said...

Doesn't Lippie have a 'twin sister' in Cutie's bag!!.. (and i thought the "Man-MAD-e Scientists" are cloning Lippie for Mass Destruction [Guys Beware!!]..)

Nupur's Fables! There's a moral in everything!!

Nupur said...

@Rahul: What moral did you interpret??

Rahul said...

'Lippie would have been really glossy!!'
On serious thoughts 'Look before you leap'!!

Nupur said...

@Rahul: Haha!! I'll always look b4 "leaping" next time!!

Rahul said...

Thats a 'paradoxical' statement..guess your sessional post on 'Figures of speech' did contribute after all...
But it's important that we 'Stay Alert'. Afterall none of us resemble 'Keanu Reeves' and life ain't 'Matrix' (don't you wonder how they came up with such a concept?? - Stratling!!)

Nupur said...

@Rahul....Sorry...but didn't get u!! cud be attributed to the d fact tht ive havnt seen matrix..!!

Rahul said...
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Rahul said...

Go!! watch it then!! especially the first part..bet you would have lots to pen down, based on your perception about the characters and events! (Don't forget to have pop-corn!)

Nupur said...

@Rahul.... First thing I'll do after 16th November!!

PRASAD said...

wat the hell was dat???????!!!!!!!!!
dat was as difficult 2 interpret as to solve a data structures program without knowin c!!!!!!!!

Nupur said...

@Rao: It was for the creative bunch of people..... not for engineers!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry..but it was kinda lame!