July 6, 2008

The Endorphin Rush

Jaane kahaan woh duniya hain,
jaane na woh hain ki ya nahi,
jahaan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just in love with these lines! I know, I know, I deperately need to be admitted in the Jaane Tu.. rehab centre.... I'm literally eating, drinking, sleeping this movie! Actually only sleeping this movie.... eating and drinking ...... I've not learnt doing these things!! Yeah so as to not lose out on my readers I will not make them brook Jaane Tu..... any further!

It was another Sunday... meaning another AIMCAT and another set of shitty marks! 'm not expecting anything good from this AIMCAT as well...!! But what makes this Sunday special is I got Aanch back... yup... we (I, to be more precise) had been behaving wierd since a fortnight and now things came back to Square One(read:normal). The best thing God blessed girls with is the innate ability to cry! Man! The endorphin rush after the tears is anyday better than an Adrenaline rush! Feels light! I felt proud in a way that Aanchal, pessimist to a level(was), was speaking like me.... an eternal optimist.... you sounded like a hybrid of Nupur and Hetvi, Aanch!

Another thing, "signs" rather that I encountered today were 1) The RC passage on "HAPPINESS".... it was one of the few passages that I understood thoroughly and got 80% accuracy in.... it felt like the essence of the passage: happiness is an innate thing... it is inbuilt, yet we keep looking for it because our minds are in a conflict... turbulent... tumultous.... 2) the daily horoscope on Orkut said: Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.... Seemed like bagal main chora gaav main dhindhora!! It felt like these things were just God's way of communicating with me!(I really need rehab now!!) I'm out of the drum labelled "DOLDRUM"... pardon me for the poor quality of jokes!

I'm so touched these days with the way my 2 best friends.. Rads and Aanch have been describing me... Aanch says : Nupur is a person who loves talking,blogging, telling stories(about herself and others...Gossip Queen, you see!), swapping channels at light speed and is always stuck in the chasm between IF and WHY..... how true!! And Rads replied to my "I'm a tough cookie, Rads"... she said, "Yeah a completely baked one!" ....!! You guys really know me man!! And yeah I'm so happy Mansh finally spoke her crush herself.... it was quite a task pretending to be Mansh and speak to him!! Very Mujhse-Dosti-Karogeish!!

Finally succeeded in my pursuit of happiness!!


neha said...

Way to go gal :)!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ neha: way to the rehab na... i know!! ill have to tread the whole path alone!!