July 5, 2008

Jaaannneee Tuuuu Yaaa Jaanneee Naaaa (kinda spoiler!!)

*May seem like a spoiler to some... read at your own risk

Yipee!!! I've finally managed to see this movie!! My scrupules didn't grant me the permission to bunk pracs so couldn't go for the First Day First Show. Thank God for some inane seminar on Saturday, we got a day off and off I went along with Manshi to watch the movie Second Day First Show! Manshi was the only person of the 140 (added 3 more people on Orkut last week!!) to have the foresight that this movie would be good!! Sorry Mansh... had to ask you to come to Suncity on a holiday!

Yeah coming down to the movie's review.... they movie in one word can be described as REFRESHING.... it was a cliched storyline woven in such a brilliant way that it didn't seem banal at all. From the first frame to the trite airport climax.... everything was fresh.... just like the morning dew. The opening credits looked like a canvas painted... novel idea. Xavier's has never looked so enthralling... Pooja, you were right, I fell in love with Xavier's! The dialogues, the screenplay, the so loveable climax everything was perfect!

Check out the following scenes:

1. When Jay saves Meghna in the nightclub

2. When the guitar first strummed at the beginnning of Aditi song.... it got the most whistles!!

3. When Jay tells the inspector: Dubaara bolke dikha

4. When Jay yells at Meghna that the scooter was just a scooter and nothing else!

5. When Meghna tells Jay that this time her hand was waved to say goodbye..(Ah!Touching!)

6. When Amit shows Aditi his room and paintings! (What paintings!!Showed loneliness so effectively)

7. When Jay's mom says: Phone pe beta, phone pe... when Aditi wondered where her college years went by

8. When Aditi says: Sometimes running away seems the only thing you feel like doing.... Ouch.... so true!!

9. The Expression on Aditi's face when Jay was at Meghna's on her birthday

10. When Amit and Jay play Mommy and Daddy to the pet rat

11. The Mowgli, Ballu, Bagheera moment in Jail

12. When Jay hikes a ride on a horse(I actually shot a video of this scene!)

13. When Jay punches Aditi's fiance thrice (Felt like someone avenged an insult for me... Wish it was his namesake...)

15. When Jay sings Jaane tu... Jaane na at the airport....... the best proposal I've seen in quite some time!!!!

It seems ke I've told you the entire movie! Just that nobody comes to hit me, I've warned everyone with the disclaimer on top! The audience was getting hysterical with every ensuing scene and there were whistles and claps every second scene. I, too, for the only time in life clapped and jumped on my seat(at the horseriding scene!). I liked the movie because it was young, refreshing, peppy and entertaining, not everyone may share the same views. I also liked the movie because Aditi is exactly like me... she can't dance, she has curly hair, she is a fighter cock(Ah! used this term for the first time after passing out from school!), she wants a guy who can hit and punch,she went to US running away from people and situations, she too never realised when she fell in love.... if only real lives got inspired by reel lives, for a change!! Each and every frame of the movie was eeringly similar to my life, damn it!! No wonder Mansh asked me why I went quiet in some scenes and why my eyes were moist!! Damn methinks I should sue them for copyrights or atleast ask them to replace Aditi's name with Nupur!!!!

P.S: The only irritating factor was the way Meghna pronounced Jay.... she said saomething like Jaeee


Surya, the Ayrus! said...

i cant agree more with you...

Nupur said...

@ surya: Finally found some1 who agrees with me on this matter!

parvati said...

ok do u need my help to help u with lawyers??..to sue abbas ...i m dying to watch the movie now...

Nupur said...

@ parvati: watch it! I actually advised my best frnd not to watch it as she had seen every frame in my life!! hehe!

parvati said...

hehehe...ok.il sure watch it this weekend..thanks...

neha said...

hey ...i always thought u cud dance well...n someone even complimented u ...during navratri i guess;-)

Nupur said...

@neha: i remember!!!!