June 1, 2008

Some serious withdrawal symptoms!!

The IPL's over!! For me it was virtually over when Punjab was pulverized by Chennai... but that's another sad story :( Now that I've been advised to get over the loss and move on in life, I've began to wonder.... can we ever get over the phenomenon called IPL? I guess not!

I know it sounds preposterous, but IPL, over the past month and half had become such an integral part of our daily schedule that its going to be a Herculean task to move on to other things in life and especially on TV.... considering its moribund state as of now! We might now, sometimes switch on Set Max at 8 only to find some OTT hero dancing around a tree in a bid to woo his love! I wonder how did this ever work! But how is life gonna be minus IPL... that would mean no fighting with Aanchal over Chennai or Hetvi for Mumbai... that would mean receiving no HAHA messages when Punjab would lose... that would mean no ogling over the cute Aussie hunks!! Ouch! This is gonna hurt!

IPL is surely gonna be missed..... please come soon next year and yeah come after all the zillion entrance exams of mine are over..... I surely don't want to ruin my career coz keeping that TV set off is gonna be more difficult than resisting molten Hershey's! (The irony of life is that I don't get both!!)

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Rohan said...

Oh poor Nupur!!

Dont worry...someone is bound to show recorded matches over and over and over again..you'll get to drool over the aussies...and Irfan again..!

maybe you shud head to the player auction next time and you,anchal and..err..hetvi can buy Irfan/Dhoni/Lee for yourselves...!