June 25, 2008

25 Reasons Why You Should Be a BOY!

It's just one chromosome....just bloody one chromosome that makes all the difference... the "Y" Chromosome! (For non Biology people..guys have XY chromosome in their cells and gals XX). After studying the capricious habits of the Y chromosomed creatures for almost a year(this was way back in 2005!!) I've come up with the "Y Chromosome Theory"...in this theory I have explained the way in which guys behave(tried to, actually!!) ... more on this theory later on... Following are the reasons why one shouldn't have double X chromosomes... ie advatages of being a BOY..... !
  1. You're not subjected to a free full body scan the minute you step out of the house.
  2. You can wear/not wear anything you want without thinking about what log kahenge
  3. People look into your EYES while talking to you
  4. The world's your toilet!!
  5. You are allowed to drive on the highway...(You're allowed to drive in the first place!)
  6. You can abuse in Hindi!
  7. Your punches do hurt other people
  8. You can watch sports without being asked "Who's the guy who sparked this sudden interest!"
  9. Beer, football and friends together are UTOPIA!
  10. You understand football and the difference between off-spin and leg-spin in cricket
  11. You'd go nuts if a Ferrari was parked near your building because you realize the importance of it!
  12. You have atleast the benefit of doubt of being able to pass engineering!(With my Maths and Physics I know why I didn't have the benefit of doubt!)
  13. You have relaxed and flexible curfew timings
  14. You can afford getting drunk because you don't have to care about who'll drop you home
  15. Pleasure is never a pain for you.... not even the first time!!!
  16. You are not scared of bikes or rather being spotted on a bike with a person of the opposite sex
  17. You probably haven't heard of or do not care about PMS
  18. You don't have to undergo labour or the frightful stretch marks after it!
  19. You don't have to undergo the terrible pain of depilation every 4 weeks...you can roam around like a hairy orang-utan all your life
  20. Boys night out is not at all about gossiping and bitching....
  21. You don't have to think twice before the second helping of the Blueberry Cheese Cake
  22. You don't have to diet or work out
  23. Butter zyaada Pav Bhaji can be relished without appraising the calories
  24. Your name is yours forever
And the most important of them all........
25. YOU DO NOT HAVE OESTROGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S: Hetvi..... this one's dedicated to you babes.... will always remember your line "Temme one bad thing about being a guy!"


Surya, the Ayrus! said...

Ha Ha and Ha:):) Was an overall nice piece but number 4 and 24 especially stole my heart:)

Nupur said...

@ surya.. thank you... you guys are a lucky bunch!

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

hey hey not that i implement 4, and nor that i want my wife to undergo 24:) there are guys, and there are good guys.meet one now.:):)

Nupur said...

Yeah... there are some good guys still left! Glad you're one of those who dsnt implement 4!

Rohan said...

ha ha ha ha!!


Wish you'd go on..as a..MAN..I dont mind the punches girls throw you know..rightly said..but its amazing how girls think that hurts!!

Nupur said...

@Rohan:That actually comes from personal experience.... I've tried my best to make my punches hurt!!!But they don't!!