June 30, 2008

God send me some friends!!

Orkut says I have 137 friends..... but when I need them..... where do all of them collectively disappear?!!? I guess this is a universal phenomenon, as all my friends too compalain of the same! Well from my earlier posts, you'd have guessed what whacky ideas my friends get to get me married.... I have lost all hopes that they'd actually find me a decent guy!

But this time they showed thier dosti in a unique way..... I soooooooooo badly wanna watch Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na..... and bloody no one is ready to come with me!! Not a single soul!! Bloody look at the probability! God Bless Manshi and Radhika for agreeing now! I was actually prepared to go for the movie alone.... bunking my Friday pracs for the first day first show!Something I've never done before! I wasn't so desperate to see Jab We Met also(I have that one on my iPod and seen it 14 times already...!!) Hoping to get the tickets and the DVD of JTYJN soon!! My stupid iPod is waiting! Yeah coming to my iPod....it seems that it can guess my moods better than Radhika does(She's one person who can guess my mood even from my scraps!) no wonder it played Tumse Hi Pyaar...by Aasma after I spoke to *him*....... gotta change my playlist!!! Wierd that gadgets do understand feelings...!!

I so wanna want JTYJN to be a hit.... not because Imran Khan is my current love interest, not because I've bet Hershey's with a friend on the fate of the movie.... but just to avenge for an unknown feeling arising from deep within..... wish it does.......

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