June 19, 2008

The Carry Over of Karmic Connections....

I'm one of the people who believes in the Karma theory... its not to be a part of the latest fad going around town ,but because of my own spiritual yearnings. I know I'm sounding like a sadhu at 19! One of the aspects of the Theory that appeals to me is that whomever we met or know well is because of the connections we've had in our previous births. Whatever we have, whatever yen for is all determined by the cumulative Karma of all our previous births

This explains a lot... the reason why we get along like a house on fire with some people, and spend an entire lifetime to know some, and yet feel like we're strangers!This explains why we'd change completely if someone asks us to,without even arguing once.Karma theory reasons for this as, you had a great bond with the person in your previous birth, so in this birth, you are just starting from where you left. And the reason for why we feel antipathy towards some is the the same as well. It's the "Carry over" system after all! This is well elucidated by Krishna in Geeta,when He preaches Arjun, "Karm kiye jaa, phal ki ichaa mat kar.." Even though I may say this and understand it well, there are times when I feel that no matter whatever good I may do, I'm never gonna have the things I want....this, well, I'd like to leave on the basic human nature of not being satisfied with what you have!!

Swami Vivekanand, was asked, during hos lecture on Hinduism and Karma, in the famous World's Fair in Chicago, by an agnostic woman, 'How would you prove Karma's existence?' To this, Swami replied, 'The very fact that you are here,physically and mentally normal, inside, listening to me talk and not begging for food outside like the beggar who's crippled, is proof enough.Its because you've done something good that he didn't.' This made the woman convert from Christianity to Hinduism.

Anyways, leaving the Karma funda aside, what's the harm in being good to people? What's the big deal in going a bit out of your way to help someone in distress? It wont cost a bomb to see the 32 muscles on someone's face work for a smile!!Life, after all is all about walking miles and spreading smiles before you sleep, isn't it?

P.S: Hetvi, I'm indebted to you, for bringing me back to my old self...the one who doesn't expect things back! Thanks for re-assuring my beliefs!


AJ said...

karma is one thing i strongly associate with and im rather not surprised that you have written this.Im not generalizing but yes doing good for the world is an inborn trait of librans.

Nupur said...

@AJ: Seriously true!! That's why its said that we are born leaders!!