June 2, 2008

The Ring

I saw Jannat last week.... yes its true... I actually had the verve and nerve to voluntarily go for an Emraan Hashmi flick in a theatre which stripped me off 120 bucks! Guess the cricket in it drew me.. or maybe the fact that it was declared a hit. Well I guess I should give my readers some respite from cricket(But I'm missing it!!).

Yeah so coming back to Jannat... it was a cute movie, a bit too Hindi filmy types at times especially with Hashmi's match predicting prowess....He should've been a selector if he could predict so well! Sonal Chauhan only looks pretty.... she can't act! And like my friend Lakshmi said, she has major registration problems(coz she had to do a "huh" for everything Hashmi said)!! Its so much fun watching movies with her... she has a wise crack for every scene(Lakshmi, not Chauhan!). The movie was otherwise well made. The only unpardonable thing in the movie was the slaughter of the "Lambi Judaai" song!But,I must say the the way "Zara sa" was executed was aah so cute! The best scenes of the movie, to me, were the ones where Emraan breaks the glass window of a jewelry showroom because Sonal loved a particular "ring" and another scene where Sonal rues that for employees not having their own car have to travel by the company vehicle. What we next see is Emraan buying a brand new black Honda Accord for her and the "ring"! Wow! A guy like this wouldn't hurt! I so felt like going and standing outside a jewelry showroom!! An uncut solitaire diamond on white gold with sapphires around it is all I ask for... is it asking for too much???I guess not!

The movie shows how the "ring" is the unifying and breaking factor between the two and how Hashmi dies because of the "ring". This makes me suggest the Bhatt's to remake "The Ring" in Hindi!! Sorry for the poor joke! While we're still talking about the ring, I'm so glad I found my ring(gold, not the one I aforementioned!)which I dropped while playing with it and forgot to pick up later on, with my mom and spy sis not noticing it, because had this happened I sure would've been the haunting factor in the Bhatt's "The Ring" version!!(Sorry again for the deteriorating quality of jokes!).

P.S: I'm still wondering why did Aanchal feel like crying while watching this movie?? Pray, tell me!

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Rohan said...

He he....excellent I shall go see jannat myself...when they give it on the telly of course!!

As for Anchal,I guess she took ur Ring joke too seriously and is waiting for the call..7 days!!!