June 25, 2008

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Life is funny.... Like we didn't know.... but Life has to make sure that we don't forget who's the boss, that's why it plays all kinda stupid games with us... and yeah we lose.... miserably! I'm a person who believes a lot in "signs and signals" indicated by nature. I believe in signs and not superstitions! Another thing that I was wondering was if over a period of time inanimate tihngs become animate.... do they start understanding you or your moods....

The other day I was going somewhere in my car, with the earphones of my iPod plugged in at full volume in my ears. No sooner did I pass the college of the guy I'm trying to get over since eons than there was a song change and my iPod played "You're still the one". I'm not kidding! I felt so angry at myself for listening to songs on shuffle!! I really did not know what to make of this "sign". Just let it pass. Didn't want to think about it further(though I had a desire to just drop in and say hello!) so just went straight ahead to the road that led.....

I know his might seem a bit bizzare but since the past couple of months, I feel, that my Ipod kinda senses my moods and plays songs! If I'm low, it plays one of the sad songs, followed by some Akon shit my sis put in! If I'm happy, it plays those happy songs. Maybe they do sometimes understand sometimes or maybe my vibes penetrate the silicon chips of iPods and laptops!

P.S: I had to listen to Quit Playing Games With My Heart after that song to teach my iPod a lesson! Stupid iPod!!

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