June 20, 2008

A Chapter From The "Chronicles Of A Fucked Up Life"

People, in a way are not wrong when they look down upon Bsc... for various reasons like:
1. Dearth of future careeer options (Research, my friend, is a pain in the wrong place and MBA requires Maths...something that you've lost touch with since the New Stone Age.)
2. Poor quality of syllabus(Well, this phenomenon is omnipresent!)
3. Teachers.... um...well... (But we're lucky to have a good Biotech staff!)
4. The ample vacation time we get to waste!
5. No scope of enjoyment like bunking lectures for a movie or to sit in the canteen....
6. The size of our journals that supersedes our size sometimes(with my size, defnitely!!)
7. Lack of guys....
8. Because its BSc!!

You can find all these and many more reasons in "The Chronicles of a fucked up life”, a book authored by the specimens of Table One.(If ever some publisher shows guts enough to publish it!). The book is about what not to do in Bsc… ‘Don’t Do Bsc’ is written in gold as the page header!

But still, what makes Bsc clicks for me atleast, are my friends in class.... with them around even the home-class-college-class-home drudgery seems fun! Laboratory doesn't come to haunt us because of Table One(Table One is the table occupied by my friends and me in our lab, where we do all kinds of peevish keedas ). Table One haunting our teachers is another stosry altogether! But now that our teachers have become strict with us this year(Board exams again!) I really wonder if they'd put up with the Table One antics! So to compensate, we've started a new stream of antics in the class itself!

Because we think we study way too much with just one week into college, we need to fill our famished stomachs. How we fill it is a spectacle in itself! 8 chapattis from my dabba, 6 theplas from Ankita's, 5 from Ankit's, 8 from Hetvi's and 5 Aloo Paranthas from Aanchal's(with the aachar ofcourse)and 6 roti's from Ajay's tiffin, fried rice from Hinal's.... all finished in an astonishing 10 minutes by around 9 people. I actually haven't really been able to count the exact number of people eating from our dabbas beacuse I'm too busy in eating... I know, looking at my frame, people feel I'm Kareena's inspiration for the Size Zero figure, but to shock them all, I'll tell you... I eat a lot! We actually eat like people who've come from East Africa and have seen food for the first time in life(no offences meant). I'm really unable to figure out why we eat like such gluttons!! And the mess we create around the table while eating would make the chest of a two year old's mother swell with pride!! Never before have I eaten like this, creating so much mess!

This style of eating, however junglee-ish it may appear to onlookers, gives a great deal of happiness and satisfaction...to us as well as our mothers(Indian mothers... I must say...are behind their kids only for two reasons..1]eating 2]getting married!).We eat like there's no tomorrow, and in a way it is right, after all who knows next year this time, after graduating, where each one of us may land? Someone might be in A'bad(Aanchal, if you don't get through, who will???), someone in B'lore(Ankit, the future genetic expert), someone in BSE(Ankita), someone in USA(me,purportedly married to a Patel in USA..according to my friends ofcourse but,... I'm gonna be in B'bay, trying to get out of the Mithibai gully..... 5 years of college in the same damned gully can be exasperating.... I so hope I don't get in NMIMS ...please God get me A'bad with Aanchal at IIM-A!!). All of us will be separated, all of us treading a different path... its then when all this gluttony is gonna get on to us.... bringing in the memories of these days.... For, hostel food will never taste like our dabbas.... for, one won't be able to hog on the hostel food....for,eating with these people won't match up to eating with anyone else on earth!

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