June 5, 2008

Hypocrisies, Ironies and Paradoxes!!!

Although I'm preparing for CAT which is only going to further confirm my "Loser" status, I'm trying not to leave any stone unturned for it(I mean I WILL START TRYING NOW!) This includes mugging up a lot of words and knowing the subtle difference between two close sounding ones. I'm still,after analysing the definitions thrown up by www.dictionary.com for almost 30 minutes, confused between irony and paradox! I know this is High School Grammar, but you can't expect one to retain all this, years(5, to be precise) after finishing school!

Coming back to the title I've put up for this write, "Hypocrisies, Ironies and Paradoxes!" aren't we all fed up with them already, with just about 19 years invested in life? To me hypocrisies irritate the most, maybe because of the fact that I, for one don't lie and can't stand liars. But yet this world is full of hypocrites and howmuchever I hate them, they won't just go... maybe they're inspired from cockroaches!

Irony, dictionary.com, defines as "the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning". After reading this bit, you may ask me, what's so abtruse in this? Well, trust me, there will be times in life when you'll get bamboozled! The most common irony one encounters would be "The paper was a f***ing piece of s**t" and a month later we find that person's pic in the paper with a tag line "Topped the university"!! You just bloody well had to tell the truth, if the paper was good... why the dissimulation?

Paradox is "a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. " by definition. After much rumination, I think I've somewhat understood it.... Sample this, the paradox in life is that only person who can stop you from crying, is the only person who makes you cry in the first place". This was an SMS I recieved. Thanks to SMSes, dukhi,bechare aashiqs have got a new job....creating them!

But someone pray tell me what to feel/say/think when one opens the paper the first thing in the morning to find a full page report (with pictures of malnourished kids)on the Govt's initiative to form a Nutrition Committee to combat the hunger wave caused due to the rising inflation on one page and a report on the contiguous page with pictures of a quintal of fruits, mountain sized ladoos, and many more food items in front of an overstuffed with food, Karunanidhi. (Pardon me for not reading the article and providing you with the reason for the feast, as the picture was nauseating enough). What do we call this..... Oxymoron??

Time we wake up to the harsh reality surrounding our protected cocoon.... Time we start asking pertinent questions to the people responsible... Time to bring a change, and not merely be a part of one....Time we get some REAL answers....


parvati said...

hey good write up...wanted to read more nd go on nd on..u shud write more on current affairs...

thanks for explaining those meanings..i was really ignorant about them...

Rohan said...

Of course she has to explain these meanings..she's just learnt them..abstruse?rumination?Go nupur...!!

CAT is yours...meow!!

As for the little kids and karunanidhi..the ladoos were placed to have the "b4 and after effect"!!
Sowee if that's a bit flippant!