June 3, 2008

Googly, Google and Goggles!!!

No, this isn't my way to practice alliteration,they're are the three things that are keeping the heat of this summer at bay! We'll begin with Googly... (obviously going by the thing I have for cricket) There's a show called NDTV Good Times Googly coming on NDTV Good Times. This show shows the cricketers off the field, what they do while chilling with other cricketers. Some of 'em sing, play the guitar, basically they do everything to make me wonder why I wasn't there hosting the show! I definitely think I would have done a fantabulous job(I would even promise not to hit on the cricketers!) Its such a good show, I guess its one of the best things to have happened to TV since SRK, Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and IPL!! And the channel NDTV Good Times is the only watchable channel today... although it makes you feel like the most penurious person to have walked on Earth!

We now come to Google... Enough has been said about Google and I don't wnat to sound banal by repeating the same things. Google has brought the world at our fingertips!

Goggles.... well, I'am not one of the lucky ones on whom glares(sorry, but "goggles" to me sounds ultimately middle class!)suit all thanks to my small face! But I feel glares are the best way to beat the summer sun! Ah! How I wish I could wear those! Nonetheless, I feel I have saved a great deal of money!! Maybe my guy can add the money I saved to the money he'd spend on my RING! Wow! Now that was some good money planning! IIM-A.... are you listening?!


Rohan said...

Ok...Nupur...dearie...what kinda nut would take money from a Girl for a Ring...when he can easily sell all his belongings and buy her one...Yeah Righttt!!! ha ha!!

Shudnt have watched Jannat...now u'll be wanting Rings n cars and all that!!

Nupur said...

@ Rohan:I think I deserve all the Rings and cars,don't I???

parvati said...

talkin about glares..i hope u r aware of the pones...which our vry own...MRS.bacchan..(latest)..got nd scratched d bill on ramu's name..for sarkar raj...d glares wer worth Rs.10 lakhs..yes...dus lakh...10,00,000/-