June 27, 2008

25 Reasons Why One Should Be A Girl

Waise toh I'm a hardcore feminist... but my last post didn't seem so!! But here's my take why one should be a girl...... (my bid to pacify all the feminists I've angered!)

* This list is applicable only if girls are surrounded by good,loving,caring ,understanding and chivalrous gentlemen around her..!!

  1. You're the most protected and sheltered one in your family
  2. You can wear pink....
  3. You can carry off floral print without looking like a Hawaii return!
  4. Nobody accuses you of crossdressing if you happen to wear your guy's shirt...(behind close doors, ofcourse!)
  5. You do not have to pay anywhere! (Travelling, entertainment and food is almost always paid for!)
  6. You get rickshaws/taxis comparatively easily.(Your one "rickshaw" call launches a thousand rickshaws!)
  7. You never have to take the pain of driving...you just have to grace the fron seat.
  8. Your primary business in the car is changing the CDs(Giving directions is futile...they're never acted upon,even when you're DEAD SURE about it!)
  9. You never have to do anything... most of the times things are taken care of!
  10. If they are not, then all you need to do is flutter your eye lids at great speed and say PLEASE in a very soft and bechari voice!
  11. You're Daddy's favourite... hence you've never heard the word NO!
  12. You can GOSSIP and BITCH...that's the centre of the universe for you(No wonder I'm considered a Gossip Queen in my class!)
  13. Cat fights have made you a stronger person, physically!
  14. Your punches may not hurt.....but your nails definitely do!!
  15. You have reservations everywhere!
  16. You do not have to pay fees in junior college and school
  17. You abuse in English... and sound classy
  18. "P" words from you scare the most toughest of guys!
  19. Sports means flying-in-the-air hair,cute faces, bulging biceps, strong hamstrings....in short Greek God replicas in the form of sportpersons!
  20. You hate WAGS and are jealous of them!
  21. You are pampered and loved the most when pregnant.
  22. You can give birth.... something that's so selfless.
  23. You are mentally very very very strong.
  24. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
And the most important of them all.....
25. YOU CAN CRY!!!


Aanchal Bhugra said...

sexy haan!.totally amazing...!

Nupur said...

@ aanchal: verbatim!!

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

4,10 and 17 so true! rockin yaar!

Nupur said...

so is 25.... I'm sure you'd agree!!!

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

oh sure yes!!but i dont rue the fact i cant do tht:)i personally dont beleive in crying, no use asking , do you?

Siva Aditya said...

I have heard that feminists always blame men for being history’s conquerors and killers but not its healers. very Good piece of work. hilarious stuff.

Nupur said...

@ siva aditya.... thank you!

Nupur said...

@ surya.... i,too endorse the same views... tears come only when pen doesnt make the desired contact with paper!!

parvati said...

hey nupur wats d "P" word??...but

Nupur said...

Lots, actually..... periods,pregnancy,Practicals(gor guys who;s gfs r in science!!) many more...!!!

Neha said...

Nupur...sweetie...this one was really extremely funny n yet sooo true!!!

But some guys do wear pink...n few of them look cute too:D!!!!

Nupur said...

@ neha: I know the one u r referring to!!